Album Review - It's My Time
From Down Beat; April 1981.
Rating: 1 Star

Maynard Ferguson is the king of the obvious. This album is another showcase for his steely trumpet tone, virtuosic technique and total lack of taste - a pulsing, throbbing collection, enough to make Robert Young edgy. It is a loud, boring muscle-flex from the man that makes Muhammad Ali look like the Coy Wonder (the address of "Fanaddicts For Ferguson" is duly listed on the sleeve). There is, however, one redeeming cut on the album (hence the star) and that's Everybody Loves the Blues, a taut, powerful arrangement by Nick Lane that is a salute to Basie and a chance for Mike Migliore, on alto sax, to take the album's best solo, quoting Jumpin' With Symphony Sid, Blue Monk and others. Otherwise It's My Time is pitifully par for the course. It makes you shout, "Take it Off!"