Rusty's Cafe - Maynard Ferguson

The following was sent to me by Maynard's office. It's a newsletter from a jazz cafe out of Toledo, Ohio called Rusty's.

Richard George Joseph and his wife, Shirley, had as guests Maynard Ferguson and Rusty at a luncheon at BYBLOS restaurant after Maynard's performance date at Rusty's. Maynard remembers the great talent he has recruited from this area for his band in recent years, Tim Ries, Chris Berger, Ron Oswanski, and Rick Margitza, from the Detroit area.

Here are a few comments I jotted down from some of his young band members...

Chris Farr:
"It's a pleasure to play with a living legend like Maynard night in and night out. His band has inspired many young musicians all over the world."

Clay Perry:
"'Boss' is the best boss!"

Scott Englebright:
"Jazz music makes me feel good. Playing for the boss is the most incredible experience I've ever had."

Phil Palombi:
"This band makes you rise to new levels of playing. Maynard isn't afraid to be spontaneous and the musicians are excellent!"