Biographical Articles
"Maynard Ferguson - Trumpet Player, bandleader". From Contemporary Musicians, Volume 7.
"Maynard Ferguson - The Legend". From Paradise Artists, Maynard's Booking Agency.
Concert Reviews
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. May, 2006. (external link)
Oklahoma State University. September, 2005. The Daily O'Collegian. (external link)
Richland, WA. January 18, 2005. By "Scubatodd" (MF Forum Member).
MF's 75th Birthday Alumni Concert. May 3rd, 2003. By Matt Keller.
Spindale, NC. October 13, 2001. A concert review by Tim Phillips.
Englewood, New Jersey (with Michael Feinstein). October 29, 2000. A concert review by Tom Bartchak.
Clarksburg, etc... Fall, 2000. A concert review by Emil Potersnak.
Clarksburg, West Virginia. October 18, 2000. A concert review by Trevor Hipps.
Stillwater, Oklahoma. September 28, 2000. A concert review by Zach Townsend.
Lancaster, Pennsylvania. June 4, 2000. A concert review by Brooks Renoll.
Maynard and Arturo. May 14, 2000. A concert review by Rusty Lerner.
"Sandoval, Ferguson give BMO all their brass for pops program". May, 2000. Review from the Boston Globe.
Bloomington, IL. April 1, 2000. A concert review by fan Steve Wright.
"Ferguson Makes Jazz Feel Right at Home in Des Moines". July, 1999 issue of the Des Moines Register.
"MF in MO". February 21, 1998. By Matt Keller.
"Maynard Ferguson in A²". July 8, 1996. Originally posted in
"Ferguson's Horn of Plenty Pierces Sound Barrier". Review of MF at the Jazz Showcase. Source unclear.
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"Ferguson Shows Off Trumpet Virtuosity". Feb, 1993 issue of The Lincoln Star.
"Maynard Ferguson Entertains Faithful". Sat, Feb. 11, 1978. Source unclear, though it appears to be from a St. Paul, MN paper.

Album Reviews
Conquistador: Reviewed by Down Beat.
It's My Time: Reviewed by Down Beat.
Hollywood: Reviewed by Down Beat.
Storm: Reviewed by Down Beat.
High Voltage: Reviewed by Down Beat.
High Voltage 2: Reviewed by Stereo Review.
Big Bop Nouveau: Reviewed by Stereo Review.
Footpath Cafe: Reviewed by Big Bands International.
These Cats Can Swing: Reviewed by Jazz Times.
One More Trip To Birdland: Reviewed by Cash Box - The Music Trade Magazine.
One More Trip To Birdland: Reviewed by L.A. Jazz Scene.
One More Trip To Birdland: Reviewed by Down Beat.

Maynard Features
A review of Ralph Jungheim's "MAYNARD!" book. By Matt Keller
"'Playing The Way I Feel,' Says Maynard Ferguson". 1951 issue of Down Beat.
"New Teeth for Mister Chops". August, 1960 issue of Down Beat.
"Out of the Exosphere and Back On the Scene". (Mid 70's) Down Beat.
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