Exclusive Interviews
Rick Petrone - December 2005 (former MF bass player)
Paul Cacia - August 2003 (trumpet player)
Jim Manley - March 22, 2002 (trumpet player)
Rich Willey - December 8, 2001 (former MF trumpet player)
Jeff Lashway - November 29, 2001 (former and sometimes current MF piano player)
Maynard Ferguson - September 18, 2001
Alan Wise (former MF trumpet player)
Scott Englebright - March 2000 (former MF trumpet player)
Steve Wiest (former MF trombone player)
Wilder Ferguson (Maynard's daughter)
Glenn Kostur (former MF sax player)
Transcribed Interviews
Maynard Ferguson Jazz Notes transcript - August 28, 1995
Alumni Contributions
Former MF drummer Danny D'Imperio wrote some new liner notes for the recently remastered Chameleon album. However, they were significantly edited for the marketplace. Danny has been kind enough to provide us with the full liner notes to Chameleon.
Maynard's Biography, "MF Horn: Maynard Ferguson's Life in Music"
A quick peek into Maynard's official biography, MF Horn: Maynard Ferguson's Life in Music.