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Sleepy Night Headline
August 7, 2016

Sleepy Night Records is releasing Volume Three of their "Lost Tapes" series on August 26, 2016. Order today!



The Maynard 2014 Tee Shirt is Here!
November 29, 2014

The 2014 Maynard Ferguson tee shirt features a fun Maynard Ferguson sketch by artist Michael Myers of Drawsgood. Available now in the Maynard Ferguson store.



The Maynard 2013 Tee Shirt - Revealed!
November 12, 2013

Maynard Ferguson fans! The 2013 Maynard Ferguson tee shirt has been revealed! For the third year in a row, Maynard fan Steve O'Callaghan has designed a shirt that really captures the essence of Maynard. This year's design features a blue stylized image of Maynard leading his orchestra, arms raised in triumph. Available now in the Maynard Ferguson store.



"Life on the Road With Maynard Ferguson, Volume 2"
August 25, 2013

A note from Ed Sargent:

Hello Maynard fans!

I am pleased to let you know about a new project: the next "Life on the Road with MF" dvd series! We had such fantastic support and feedback from the first release, that my collaborative partner Dan Potts and I are deeply entrenched in the final stages and creative maneuvering of producing "Volume 2 - the Early BBN Years"!! Once again, the intent is to share a unique and deeply touching assemblage of incredible musical excerpts - as well as the off stage/backstage/spontaneous moments that defined what "Life On The Road" with Maynard and band was really like.

I recorded these moments with Mayn's permission and through my lens during the many years on the road with my dear friend and mentor. Volume 2 focuses on the reemergence of Maynard and his prototypical "bigger" band, which evolved from the 1988 60th birthday big band tour, and Maynard's desire to return to his roots. There is more emphasis on live musical performances within this project, with a healthy dose of off stage antics to bring a smile.

I hope you enjoy this short trailer. As with Volume 1, a generous percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the Maynard Ferguson jazz scholarship funds.

Long Live the Boss, and his loyal fans!!




"New" Maynard Ferguson Composition Released!
August 25, 2013

The Ira B. Liss Big Band Jazz Machine has just released their latest album, "It's About Time", and it features a previously unrecorded Maynard Ferguson composition. Titled "Glory, Glory", it was composed with Maynard album Chris Braymen, and trumpeter Wayne Bergeron plays Maynard's part. The album is available on iTunes and Amazon MP3.

From Chris Braymen:

"If I might I add also....Glory, Glory is a song that The Boss and I wrote together back around 1989 when the fairly new Big Bop Nouveau band was passing through San Francisco. This was the same time he suggested an arrangement of St. Thomas, which he later recorded with expanded instrumentation on 'Live in London'. Originally written for the 5 horn group he was experimenting with at the time, Maynard once wondered aloud to me if the song might work better with a little bigger instrumentation. Regretfully, I never managed to act on his suggestion before he passed away.

Thanks to the generosity of Maynard's survivors, and to the interest of Mr. Liss, his band, and the amazing Mr. Bergeron, we've been allowed the opportunity to humbly present to you a piece of music that Maynard once conveyed to me, and we've tried to make real. Of course this isn't a recording of Maynard or his band, but I'm proud that Ira's group chose to record this song, and I hope you can hear within it just a little more of the Boss' legacy through Wayne and the band's interpretation.

Sincerely and gratefully,
Chris Braymen (alum '81-'83)

For more information, you can read the press release from the Ira B. Liss Big Band Jazz Machine.

Ira Liss Big Band



Buy a Tribute DVD On Sale, Get a Free Concert Program
June 2013

For a limited time you can purchase the Maynard Ferguson Tribute Concert DVD for $15 off and get the original concert program event included for free!

Tribute Concert and Program

Visit the Maynard Ferguson Store to watch the trailer or to order.


Maynard's Birthday
May 4, 2013

Today would have been Maynard's 85th birthday! Celebrate by watching 100 double-high Cs!


Help the Maynard Ferguson Documentary Become a Reality!
February 2013

If you missed your chance to donate to the Maynard Ferguson Documentary, it's not too late. Donate to the 2nd round of fundraising and earn Maynard rewards!



Maynard's Daughter Lisa is Raising Money for a Maynard Documentary
January 2013

Donate now and claim amazing REWARDS!


Maynard's 1977 Live Montreux Summit Performance Now on CD!
October 15, 2012

Maynard's performance with an all-star band at 1977's Montreux Summit were recorded and released on two volumes in 1977 and 1978 by Columbia Records. They have just been re-issued on CD, and you can find them in the Maynard Ferguson store.


Maynard Ferguson Alumni Reunion with Dave Stahl Big Band Announced
August 12, 2012

Several former Maynard Ferguson sidemen will be performing with the Dave Stahl Big Band on September 13, 2012 in Lebanon, Pennsyvania at Marabelle's Restaurant (formerly Pushnicks Diner).

Alumni guests performing:
Stan Mark
Rick Petrone
Mike Migliori
Bruce Johnestone
Joe Mosello
Paul Stephens

Marabelle's Restaurant is located at:
1352 Cumberland St
Lebanon, PA 17042

For Reservations go to  


Roger Ingram Embarking on Teaching Tour
July 7, 2012

Former Maynard Ferguson lead trumpeter Roger Ingram will be embarking on a teaching tour in late July through the first half of August. If Roger will be coming to a city near you, you may contact him for a private lesson. Details available on


Maynard Ferguson Alumni Reunite for Rochester Concert
July 7, 2012

On Sunday, July 22, Maynard albumni Bobby Militello (sax), Rick Petrone (bass), and Dave Mancini (drums) are reuniting for a concert in Rochester, New York. Bobby, Rick and Dave were among Maynard's best known and most celebrated sidemen through his recording years.

The concert is held at the Downstairs Cabaret Theater. Details can be found in this PDF.


Fan Designs Our 2012 Tee Shirt
June 2, 2012

Once again, Maynard fan Steve O'Callaghan has designed a great Maynard Ferguson tee shirt! Our 2012 tee features a gray and white "logo dot" design on a black tee shirt. Visit the Maynard Ferguson store for a closer look at this new design.









Real Gone Music Re-issues Maynard's Cameo Recordings
May 2, 2012

Cameo Re-issueReal Gone Music has re-issued two classic Maynard Ferguson albums from the 1960s that originally appeared on the Cameo label: The New Sounds of Maynard Ferguson and Come Blow Your Horn. These are available on a single CD in the Maynard Ferguson Store.

"Maynard Ferguson needs little introduction as he was one of the most celebrated trumpeters in jazz. This release, sourced from a series of jazz albums that Cameo released in 1963 and 1964, is comprised of Ferguson's two 1963 albums for the label. The first, New Sounds of Maynard Ferguson now also includes “The Song Is You,” a never-before-released gem from the session that was discovered while researching tapes for this album. The track makes its debut on this release. Come Blow Your Horn was Ferguson's second album for Cameo; both albums represent his complete recordings for the label, documenting a long-overlooked chapter in Ferguson's career that came between better-known stints with Roulette and Mainstream."




Announcing the "Life on the Road with Maynard Ferguson and Big Bop Nouveau" DVD!
December 23, 2011

dvd coverComprised of behind the scenes clips from dozens of tours, the Life on the Road with Maynard Ferguson and Big Bop Nouveau (1989-2006) DVD provides a rare glimpse of what it was like to be on the band. The footage on this DVD comes from tour manager Ed Sargent's personal video collection, and features clips from all over the world. Bonus features include a montage of never before seen photos, as well as unreleased tunes that many heard in concert but were never recorded.

Visit the Life on the Road DVD page for more information, a trailer, and to order your copy now!









Maynard's Birthday, May 4
May 4, 2011

Today, Maynard would've been 83 years old. We miss you, Maynard!




"Chase Revisted 2007" Gets Release Date and Concert
April 30, 2011

Chase RevisitedI received an email about an upcoming Chase reunion concert and DVD release party that I wanted to share with you all. Former MF trumpeter Larry Foyen is participating, and it's sure to be quite a show!

Attention all CHASE fans! Back by popular demand! Members of the jazz-rock group, CHASE, will be reuniting for a concert to be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Thursday, May 26, 2011 along with the CHASE REVISITED 2007 DVD release party. CHASE alumni will include Alan Ware, Jay Sollenberger, Joe Morrissey, Jim Oatts (tpts), Dennis Johnson and Dartanyan Brown (bass), and G.G. Shinn (vocals). Additional guests featured include Greg Gisbert and Larry Foyen (trumpets), Tanner Taylor (keys), Blair Krivanek (guitar), Petar Janjic (drums), and Pancho Lopez (perc).

The band will be performing a number of never-before-released charts live including Dead, MacArthur Park, Reflections, Listen To Her Sing, and Bass-Meant.

The concert will be performed at Minneapolis� renown club, Famous Dave�s BBQ and Blues Club at 3001 Hennepin Ave South. The concert will begin at 9:00 p.m. and doors will open at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are $20 at the door and no reservations are required and all ages are welcome!

Don't miss this historic reunion of the CHASE band on May 26th!

For full details, go to Also checkout Famous Dave�s for club info at

Matt's note: Chase fans will also enjoy Eric Miyashiro's latest release, "Skydance", which includes Chase's arragement of MacArthur Park.


Maynard Fan Gets "Trumpet Rhapsody" Re-Issued
April 28, 2011

Trumpet Rhapsody CD CoverFor many years, the 1967 Maynard album "Trumpet Rhapsody" has been a sleeper favorite among fans. Something about the perfect mixture of killer charts, the best sidemen, great engineering, and hot performances has put this album at the top of the the CD Re-Issue Wish List for years. However, all previous attempts to get this album onto CD have failed. A couple of years ago, I spoke with Wounded Bird Records, the company that has re-issued more than 10 of Maynard's classic Columbia albums. They told me they had tried to re-issue Trumpet Rhapsody but weren't able to pull it off.

Enter the MF Forum's Keith (AKA ksdblc on the forum). Keith doggedly researched Trumpet Rhapsody, tracing it to a German company. He reached out to them and began a dialogue that, astonishingly, resulted in the re-mastering and re-issuing of that album on CD for the first time ever.

Read Keith's story in his own words on the Maynard Ferguson Forum.
Order your copy of Trumpet Rhapsody from


Sathya Sai Baba Dead at 85
April 28, 2011

Sathya Sai BabaIndian spiritual leader Sathya Sai Baba passed away on Easter day at age 85. Maynard had a strong interest in Indian culture, and was associated with Sai Baba for many years. Maynard wrote and recorded several charts over the years that fuzed traditional Indian music with American jazz, including "Sweet Baba Suite" on the These Cats Can Swing album that was written as a tribute to Sai Baba.

More information can be found at




Former Maynard Ferguson Trumpeter Alan Wise to Give Concert, Clinic
March 22, 2011

Alan Wise, trumpet player for Maynard in the 80s, will be in Worthington, Ohio this weekend for a clinic and a concert. I saw Alan play at a Maynard tribute for Maynard's 75th birthday, and it was a blast. Details can be found at


New Fan-Designed Maynard Ferguson Tee Shirt
November 21, 2010

For the first time ever, the Maynard Ferguson store is featuring a fan-designed tee shirt! MF Fan Steve O'Callaghan has designed the new shirt, which is a black tee with an indigo/purple artistic rendition of Maynard in concert. Of course, the MF logo appears in the lower-right corner of the design. Steve's shirt is on sale now in the Clothing page of the Maynard Ferguson Store.





Chase Revisited II
August 28, 2010

Attention all CHASE fans! Members of the jazz-rock group, CHASE, will be reuniting for a concert to be held in Boston on Thursday, October 14, 2010. The band will feature members Alan Ware, Joe Morrissey, Jim Oatts (tpts), Phil Porter (keyboards), Dennis Johnson (bass), Jay Burrid and Gary Smith (drums), and GG Shinn (vocals). Special guest artist will be Sony recording artist Eric Miyashiro on lead trumpet.

In addition to playing a number of favorites such as Get It On, Open Up Wide, and So Many People, Chase Revisited 2010 will perform a number of never recorded charts including Listen To Her Sing and MacArthur Park.

The concert will be performed Boston's premier club, RAIN Nightlife on Route 99 in Malden, Mass. (just 10 minutes north of Boston's Logan airport). The concert will begin at 8:00 p.m. and doors will open at 6:00 p.m. Tickets are $25 and may be purchased at (look under "Concerts" and search for "CHASE Revisited"). Purchased tickets are will-call at the club so please bring proper identification.

Don't miss this historic reunion of the CHASE band on October 14th!

Click here to go to
Click here for the Facebook event


Sleepy Night Records Announces Previously Unreleased Don Ellis Recordings
August 4, 2010

Don Ellis India CDSleepy Night Records, the same company who brought us the Maynard Ferguson Lost Tapes Volumes 1 and 2 CDs, are releasing a Don Ellis CD titled "Live in India", which features 7 tracks that have never before been released. These tracks (that come from Don's personal tapes) were recorded during a 1978 Live appearance in India. The CD comes with a 20 page deluxe booklet full of photos and comments from band members.

This CD is being sold as a limited edition of only 1000 copies worldwide. Sleepy Night Records is a small, independent record label, and as a special thank you to Maynard Ferguson fans for their past support, they are offering a special deal on this CD. For the first two weeks, they have reduced the price to $19.99. After this offer period the price will go up to $24.99. Visit the Sleepy Night Records web site for more details.



Andrea Tofanelli's "Flamingo" Features Tribute to Maynard
July 17, 2010

Andrea Tofanelli's Flamingo CDFlamingo is Italian trumpeter Andrea Tofanelli's latest CD, featuring exciting big band charts and a heart-felt tribute to Maynard titled "The Last Legend".

Excerpts from's review: "
The title track could have come right from the Ferguson/Stan Kenton songbook, while the inclusion of showcase selections such as 'Nessun Dorma' and 'Melodia Infinita' frame Tofanelli's high-note chops in a display of all-around-the-horn musicianship. Not since Maynard Ferguson (for whom Tofanelli composed and performs 'The Last Legend') reigning at the Olympus of trumpeting have such sounds been heard.

"Ferguson, Anderson and Brisbois must be smiling in the 'Upper Room,' knowing that the screaming torch passed on is in such marvelously talented and musically artistic hands. Tofanelli can easily add his name to these greats in the pantheon of scream. While music lovers and musicians of all instruments will probably dig the artistry here, trumpeters will surely sit in awe of the talent, skill and musicianship of Andrea Tofanelli. A sky-high phenomenon."

Available now in the Maynard Ferguson store!


Jim Manley's New CD is a Return to the 70s
June 28, 2010

Jim Manley's "Brass Poison"Jim Manley's new CD is a throwback to the 70's. He says:

"BRASS POISON" follows in the footsteps of my last recording for The Victoria Company, "EIGHT" which was a tribute to some of the great 60's big bands.
With this project, I wanted to explore some of the great music that was put out in the 70's and beyond. I grew up listening to all the MF and Don Ellis Columbia stuff along with Blood, Sweat & Tears, Chicago, Tom Scott, the Brecker Brothers and so many others - I still love that era and it brings back many great memories when music seemed more creative and exciting.

We've added a little Brass Poison to Elton John, Carole King, Sting, The Isley Brothers and a few others I think you will recognize. All of us had a blast (no pun intended) recording these tunes and I think you'll have some fun listening.
So turn up the volume, sit down between the speakers ,or stick your buds in your ears and hold on to something!

Now available in the Maynard Ferguson store!


Photos from the Sherman Jazz Museum Grand Opening and UNT Concert
May 15, 2010

Thanks to Kamalan Selvarajah for providing these excellent pictures from the Sherman Jazz Museum Grand Opening and the University of North Texas One O'Clock Band concert with guests Denis Diblasio and Wayne Bergeron!

You can read several recaps of the event on the Maynard Ferguson Forum.


Maynard Ferguson Frisbees now in the Maynard Ferguson Store
May 15, 2010

A batch of Maynard Ferguson frisbees were recently found, leftovers from a late 90s tour! While supplies last, you can buy them in the Maynard Ferguson Store!
Maynard Ferguson Frisbee


The Maynard Ferguson Birthday Tribute on WCSK-FM 90.3
May 2, 2010

Once again, WCSK-FM 90.3 in Kingsport, Tennesee is planning to feature Maynard's music. Don't live in the East Tennessee area? No can stream the program online. They write:

Vote for Maynard!
The Maynard Ferguson Birthday Tribute on
WCSK-FM 90.3
May 4, 2010

May 4th, primary election day in Kingsport, Tennessee. It is also the 82nd birthday of the Boss, Maynard Ferguson. So, cast your vote for Maynard by tuning into WCSK-FM for special programming featuring some of Maynard's best stuff

We'll be running one Maynard tune each hour during the day, highlighting various aspects of Maynard's career. The regular WCSK Jazz/Big Band programming, from 11 AM 10 1 PM (EDT), will consist of two of the finest albums from Maynard's Roulette period-"A Message from Newport" (1958) and "A Message from Maynard" (1963).

Then, at 6 PM WCSK will run 6 consecutive hours of Maynard material, including two fine examples of Maynard on valve trombone, Maynard performing with Charlie Barnett and Bob Keene Big Bands in the 1950s as well as the MF Horn 1 album, the 1964 Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab version of "The Blues Roar", and the first Big Bop Nouveau album from 1990.

So, tune in on Tuesday, May 4, and Vote for Maynard! on WCSK-FM 90.3, the Voice of Kingsport City Schools. And if you don't happen to live in East Tennessee to hear us over the airwaves, join us via the internet at:

Questions? Contact Station Manager Jeff Hall (, and Long Live the Boss!


Introducing the Maynard Ferguson Podcast!
April 11, 2010

Podcast LogoIntroducing the Maynard Ferguson Podcast! Hosted by Matt Keller, the Maynard Ferguson podcast will feature many topics in the Maynardsphere, including interviews with alumni, album reviews, current events, and music, music, music. The premiere episode includes some Maynard news as well as a multitude of sound clips. Podcasts thrive on word of mouth, so if you enjoy it, please spread the word.

Subscribe on iTunes, or visit the Maynard Ferguson Podcast page to see details about the episodes.

Email podcast (at) to provide feedback and ideas for future episodes.




Sherman Jazz Museum Opens with the Maynard Ferguson Estate Collection
April 11, 2010

On May 8, 2010, the Sherman Jazz Museum (in Sherman, Texas) will open its doors and display the Maynard Ferguson Estate collection. The Grand Opening begins at 10:00 AM with free admission, and the museum will host two panel discussions. The first (at 11:00) features Stan Mark, Lou Carfa, Brian Mulholland, Jeff Taylor, and Bob Odneal. The second (at 2:00) features Wayne Bergeron, Denis DiBlasio and Steve Wiest.

After a day of investigating the MF collection and listening to the panel discussions, you can listen to the Grammy-nominated University of North Texas One O'Clock Lab Band perform charts from the MF estate collection along with guests Wayne Bergeron, Denis DiBlasio, & Grammy-nominated Steve Wiest (Director).

Visit the Sherman Jazz Museum web site for more details and some photos of the collection.


Tribute Concerts Galore in May!
April 11, 2010

May is a popular month for Maynard Ferguson tribute concerts, with three concerts in the first 8 days of May!

May 1, 2010
What: Maynard Ferguson Birthday Bash Concert
Where: Chris' Jazz Cafe - Sansom St, Philadelphia PA
Who: John Hoey Orchestra with guests Denis DiBlasio, Reggie Watkins, Dennis Noday.
Ticket Info: 215-568-3131 or John Hoey Orchestra web site
Details: Come experience the high energy big band jazz that only Maynard Ferguson and his band could deliver on what would have been his 82nd birthday. The alumni will be backed by the John Hoey Orchestra. There may even be some surprises.

May 6, 2010
What: Frank Vardaros Jazz Orchestra Plays the Music of Maynard Ferguson
Where: Gateway Center for the Arts - DeBary, Florida
Who: Frank Vardaros Jazz Orchestra
Ticket Info: $15 at the door. More details at the Gateway Center for the Arts web site.
Details: The Frank Vardaros Jazz Orchestra will pay tribute to Maynard by performing the music from the Live at Jimmy's album.

May 8, 2010
What: Maynard Ferguson Celebration Concert (following the opening of the Sherman Jazz Museum, featuring the MF Estate Collection)
Where: Kidd-Key Auditorium - Sherman, Texas
Who: the Grammy-nominated University of North Texas One O'Clock Lab Band. Guest performers: Wayne Bergeron, Denis DiBlasio, & Grammy-nominated Steve Wiest, Director.
Ticket Info:
Details: Calendar of Events at the Sherman Jazz Museum web site.


Maynard Ferguson and Social Media
March 7, 2010

The use of social media technology has increased dramatically over the past couple of years, and has been using Twitter and Facebook to spread Maynard-related information more frequently. To demonstrate the power of these tools, consider this statistic. It took 9 years to build up a mailing list of 3,500 email addresses to send email updates to. However, in less than a year, the Maynard Ferguson Facebook page has amassed over 9,000 followers. The Twitter feed has also been adding subscribers at a slower but still steady rate.

If you're not currently following the Maynard Ferguson Facebook page, I would highly encourage you to join. It's a great place to follow Maynard (and alumni) news, meet other fans, and share photos. The MaynardFerguson Facebook page is a very positive place, without the negativity that can sometimes plague traditional message boards.

Last week, the Maynard Ferguson Institute of Jazz Studies at Rowan University (currently helmed by Denis Diblasio) created their own Facebook page, with some great videos and information.

Check out the Maynard Social Media sites:


Alumnus Update: Ed Sargent
March 7, 2010

Since Maynard's passing nearly four years ago, Ed has been working with Joan Jett, helping to make sure her tours and day to day operations run smoothly. In talking with Ed over the past few years, I've learned that while many aspects of the job are very similar to his work with Maynard, it's a very different scene.

Joan's demand has been on the rise lately, thanks to the impending release of the film "The Runaways", starting Kristin Stewart and Dakota Fanning. The Runaways chronicles Joan's early career and the impact she made on rock and roll. Ed will be making a trip to Los Angeles this week, as Joan Jett and the Blackhearts will be performing on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday, March 9. Tune never know, you might see Ed standing in the wings!



Alumnus Update: Reggie Watkins
March 7, 2010

Former Maynard Ferguson trombone player and musical director Reggie Watkins has just released an EP with his horn section called the Grooveline Horns. He says:

The Grooveline Horns have just independently released their debut EP featuring two original songs titled, "Copchase"(included on Jason Mraz�s most recent live album release) and "I'm Done." The EP also features two covers, "One the Serious Side" a new twist to Tower of Powers 1975 release and one of Con Funk Shun�s greatest hits "Ffun."

Listening to the sound clips at the Grooveline Horns web site, it's clear that this EP is full of some serious funk. You can visit to order a limited edition physical copy of the EP for $5 or digital download for only $4.


Carl Fischer Releases Sophomore Solo Effort
December 31, 2009

Former Maynard Ferguson trumpeter (and fan favorite) Carl Fischer has been busy touring with Billy Joel for the past few years. Fortunately, he found time to record a new solo album, titled "Adverse Times". It features an original song dedicated to Maynard and his wife Flo titled "Flo N Mayn Spirit". This album is currently available on iTunes.



Rebel Alliance Jazz Ensemble and MF Alumni to Play MF Tribute
December 31, 2009

The Rebel Alliance Jazz Ensemble is a group of Dallas-area musicians that are made up of UNT grads and professional musicians. On Friday, January 8, some special guests and former Maynard Ferguson sidemen will join them for a Maynard Ferguson tribute at the Pearl at Commerce club in Dallas, Texas. Among the guests scheduled to appear are former Maynard Ferguson trumpeters Scott Englebright, Brian MacDonald, Ken Edwards, and Keith Fiala.

Details about the club and showtimes are available at the Pearl at Commerce club website.
Details about the performers and set list are available in the Maynard Ferguson Forum.

Pearl at Commerce club logo



Fresh Sounds Spain Re-issues (again) Two Maynard Albums
December 31, 2009

Record company Fresh Sounds Spain is once again reissuing two excellent Maynard albums as a double CD set. "Maynard Ferguson Plays Bill Holman's Arrangements" and "I Have But Two Horns" are available as a pre-order import at Amazon right now, with a release date of January 5, 2010.

  Album Cover

From the Fresh Sounds Records web site:

Until the early 50’s, Maynard Ferguson's fantastic technique was often said to obscure every other aspect of his work. With the tracks at hand, he revealed himself as a fine all-round musician, band leader and brilliant soloist, both in trumpet and valve trombone. Bill Homan–whose works can be considered as some of the most representative of the West Coast school of jazz–once said, "I've always tried to write things that sound like jazz, not like Bach revisited." Thanks to his arrangements and to the exceptional musicians who perform them, Ferguson expresses himself in a way he had never previously found possible.

See the full track listing and pre-order at



Coming in 2011 - Maynard Ferguson Park
December 31, 2009

According to the Quebec newspaper, The Suburban, construction will soon begin on Maynard Ferguson park, with an anticipated opening of 2011. The park is being constructed in Verdun, Canada, where Maynard was born and raised.

During a recent Verdun borough council meeting, Mayor Claude Trudel told APRIDS (Association des Propriétaires et Résidents de l’Île Des Soeurs) President Pierre Jobin work would soon begin on the borough’s new park located near the posh Pointe du Sud district on Nuns’ Island. City jazz fans will be pleased to know the borough intends to name its new park after the world famous jazz musician, Maynard Ferguson, who was born and raised in Verdun.

The entire article is available here.



Alumni Update
November 27, 2009

Former Maynard Ferguson and Big Bop Nouveau trumpeter Walter White (he appeared on the "Live From London" album) recently played with the Tulsa Symphony Orchestra, eliciting a rave review from the Tulsa World web site.

White was first a fan, then a protégé of the late Maynard Ferguson, and one could easily hear that influence in the often aggressive attack, the piercing, sustained high notes and the sense of happy exuberance in White's playing in tunes such as "Sweet Georgia Brown" and "Stompin' at the Savoy."

Read the entire article at Tulsa World.

Former 1970s Maynard Ferguson saxophonist Bobby Militello has been playing with Dave Brubeck's band for over 25 years, and was recently featured in a great article on

Militello is a force on stage. The burly man has no shortage of oxygen as he braids long strings of notes into intricate and unapologetically melodic solos. He finds the right moments, despite the web of harmonies underneath, to jump octaves, trill or splat in such a way that elicits wows from his audiences. And then he does it on a flute, the most feared auxiliary instrument for a saxophonist.

Read the entire article at

Former Maynard Ferguson lead trumpeter (and current Harry Connick, Jr. lead trumpeter) Roger Ingram has been providing some fascinating insight into the recording of the "Live From London" CD on the Maynard Ferguson Forum, in response to a question from a fan.


That particular record was a difficult one to do. At the time, there was a heat wave occurring in England. During the entire week we recorded, London was experiencing triple digit temperatures. Because of the relatively small size of Ronnie Scott's, the suboptimal "air conditioning," and the fact the club was standing room only, in that heat, attempts to play in tune became VERY challenging (to say the least.) As I'm sure we all know, in high temperature environments, brass and reed instruments have a tendency to play sharp whereas stringed instruments will go flat: nice combination. ;-) As well, the acoustical nature of Ronnie's is very "dead." I remember sitting in Maynard's dressing room and drinking loads of water with him between sets. Of course, then I had to visit the men's room a lot. Unfortunately I couldn't always do that when I wanted to, because I'd be know...high A's. ;-)

Read the entire thread on the Maynard Ferguson Forum.


Four Doc Severinsen Re-Issues In the Maynard Ferguson Store
October 31, 2009

Wounded Bird Records, the same company that has re-issued more than 10 Maynard Ferguson albums, is in the process of releasing six previously out-of-print Doc Severinsen albums on CD. The first four are "Doc," "Brass Roots," "Rhapsody For Now!" and "Night Journey". I know many Maynard fans out there (like myself) who are also fans of Doc's music, so I have stocked the first four Doc re-issues in the Maynard Ferguson store. You can find them on the Music Merchandise page, under the "Other CDs of Interest" heading.


Trumpeter Dan McMillion Releases "Nice N' Juicy"
October 10, 2009

Trumpeter Dan McMillion has paid tribute to Maynard Ferguson over the years by releasing several albums full of his music. His latest, "Nice N' Juicy", features several charts made famous by Maynard's band, including "MacArthur Park," "Surviving Soho," "Hey Jude," and "Vita Bella". recently profiled Dan and his new album. "Nice N' Juicy" can be purchased form the Sea Breeze Jazz web site.

Joey Pero - Resonance


Former Big Bop Nouveau Trumpeter's Debut Album Collecting Praise
October 10, 2009

Joey Pero - ResonanceFormer MF Trumpet Joey Pero's debut album, "Resonance" has been collecting critical praise. The Daily News Online recently interviewed Joey and rounded up much of the praise he's been receiving in a recent article.

Joey will be performing two shows as New York supper club Feinstein's on October 15 and 16.

You can listen to sound clips and order the album in the Merchandise page.


Alumni Update: Ed Sargent
September 27, 2009

Maynard's long time tour manager and friend Ed Sargent was recently interviewed for an article in the Tennessee Alumnus. Check it out to see how Ed became involved in the Maynard Ferguson organization in the first place, and what he's up to now.

Alumni Update: Tom Garling
September 19, 2009

Tom Garling played trombone in Big Bop Nouveau for six years, and appeared on several of Maynard's Concord albums. He also composed and arranged several charts that Maynard recorded. The Macomb Journal recently published an article about Tom, as he was preparing to guest with the Western Illinois University Jazz Studio Orchestra.

"MAYNARD!" by Ralph Jungheim
September 5, 2009

In 1978, Ralph Jungheim sat down with thirty people (mostly musicians) who knew Maynard Ferguson, and rolled tape. Ralph's new book, "MAYNARD!", collects those interviews and gives the reader thirty different perspectives on Maynard Ferguson the man, musician, and bandleader.

"MAYNARD!" is a 240 page paperback, and includes interviews with Charlie Barnet, Shelly Manne, Bud Shank, Don Ellis, Rufus "Speedy" Jones, Lanny Morgan, Don Menza, Lew Tabackin, Bob Summers, Stan Mark, Dennis Noday, Lynn Nicholson, Joe Mosello, Mike Migliore, Peter Erskine, and more.

For more details, you can read Matt Keller's review of the book, and purchase it in the Maynard Ferguson store.

Maynard book


"M.F. Horn Two" in 60 Seconds
September 3, 2009

Enjoy this slideshow that condenses the classic "M.F. Horn Two" album to 60 seconds.


Remembering Maynard
August 23, 2009

Today marks the three year anniversary of Maynard's passing. We can reminisce about Maynard by revisiting the amazing photo thread on the Maynard Ferguson forum. In the days following Maynard's death, fans posted hundreds of their favorite photographs of The Boss in action.


Maynard's Daughter Wilder Still Collecting Fan Stories
August 15, 2009

Not long after Maynard passed, his daughter Wilder began asking fans for their Maynard stories, with the intention of turning them into a project. Wilder is still interested in stories, and has provided the following update.

As you might expect it turned out to be a bit overwhelming to take on this project so soon after my father’s passing, so I set the project aside for a while. Now I have started the project again and re-read all the stories that I already have. Wow! You guys are all fantastic and I am so grateful for your help. I received letters from doctors, lawyers, firemen, soldiers, teachers, musicians, computer techs and the list goes on.

The project still needs more stories though, and I hope that if you haven’t already written one, you will contribute your story and photos to the collection.

PS Please do not contribute a story and then post it on the web, I know that sounds a little unfair, but if you do then the collection will turn out to be a bunch or stories that everyone has already read.

-Wilder Ferguson-Jacob

Submit your Maynard story here.


Maynard Pianist Jeff Lashway's CD "Reunion" Now Available
August 15, 2009

MF Pianist Jeff Lashway's debut solo CD, "Reunion", is now available in the Maynard Ferguson Store. If you saw Maynard Ferguson perform in the last few years of his life, odds are good that you saw Jeff Lashway sitting at the piano. Lashway quickly became a fan favorite, and his appearance on Maynard's all-star "The One and Only" CD tells us what Maynard thought of his playing. Reunion is Jeff's first solo CD, and it features an impressive collection of sidemen, including former MF tenor sax player Jeff Rupert. A recent review of this recording on says, "With Reunion, his first CD as leader, ex-Ferguson pianist Jeff Lashway steps out—and up—to brilliantly demonstrate that he is an outstanding jazz pianist, composer and leader deserving of wider recognition. Accompanied by an all-star line-up, Lashway and friends deliver ten marvelously entertaining selections. This reunion is an intelligent, involving jazz swingfest." Random Act Records is donating 10% of their proceeds from the sale of this album to the Jazz Foundation of America. Order today!

Jeff Lashway - Reunion CD Cover


WCSK-FM To Feature Maynard Ferguson For 10 Days
August 15, 2009

Tennessee-based WCSK-FM is continuing their annual tradition of paying tribute to the music of Maynard Ferguson. The following announcement was recently posted in the Maynard Ferguson Forum:

For the third consecutive year, WCSK-FM 90.3 will celebrate the life and music of Maynard Ferguson. This year's gala will stretch over 10 days, beginning on Sunday, August 16 and conclude on Tuesday, August 25, and will touch on all aspects of the six decade career of the Boss.

Beginning with the earliest recordings with Jimmy Dorsey and Charlie Barnet, going through the Kenton years, the Birdland Dream Band, the Roulette, pre-Columbia, Columbia, post-Columbia, and Concord years up until "The One and Only" release recorded just weeks before Maynard's passing in 2006.

A new feature of this year's program will be the inclusion of Maynard's work in Hollywood for major movie soundtracks, as well as the significant body of work Maynard recorded backing up major vocalists such as Harry Belafonte, Ella Fitzgerald, Bing Crosby, Chris Connor and Jerry Lewis (yes, THAT Jerry Lewis). Also included will be the work of some of Maynard's sidemen through the years, including Wayne Bergeron, Chuck Mangione, Rob McConnell, Lew Soloff, Slide Hampton, Tom Garling, and Christian Jacob.

So, tune in, beginning Sunday, August 16th at 11 AM EDT for the start of the 2009 Maynard Ferguson Gala. Additional details on broadcast times and playlists for all 10 days of the gala are available at WCSK-FM 90.3's website, or by contacting station manager Jeff Hall at


Maynard Ferguson Tribute Concert DVD On Sale
August 15, 2009

The double-DVD set of the Maynard Ferguson Tribute Concert (including an hour of rare MF bonus footage) is temporarily on sale in the Maynard Ferguson Store.

MF Tribute Concert DVD


"Top 5 Scream Trumpet Solos in Hollywood Films" YouTube Video
August 15, 2009

A Maynard Ferguson Forum member has put together this great compilation of his top 5 "scream trumpet" solos in major Hollywood films. Take a look to see where Maynard landed on this list.


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