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Audio Timeline
A collection of Maynard Ferguson sound clips throughout his career.
All sound clips are in mp3 format.

What's New? - 1951. A beautiful ballad that was associated with Maynard during his first years in the states. From the "Band Ain't Draggin'" album.
Prologue (This is an orchestra!) - 1952. An interesting Stan Kenton recording in which he introduces each member of his orchestra and describes their function. This song is on the "New Concepts of Artistry in Rhythm" album.
Ole - 1961. A Latin tinged tune that featured Maynard in a memorable cadenza. From the album "Maynard '61".
Danny Boy - 1964. A beautiful performance of an old song. From the album "The New Sounds of Maynard Ferguson and His Orchestra."
MacArthur Park - 1970. Maynard perks up the ears of Americans again when he releases the album "MF Horn".
Bridge Over Troubled Water - 1971. Maynard's sound just gets bigger. From the album "Maynard Ferguson"...also sometimes titled "Alive And Well in London".
Gospel John -1974. Considered by some to be Maynard's finest work, the "Chameleon" album successfully combines jazz, funk, and rock.
Gonna Fly Now - 1977. With the release of the "Conquistador" album, Maynard scores on the pop charts with the biggest hit of his career, the theme from Rocky.
Birdland - 1978. Maynard's cover of Birdland on the album "Carnival" was another fan favorite. In fact, Maynard has been playing it in encores ever since.
Coconut Champagne - 1983. Featured on my favorite live Maynard album, "Live From San Francisco".
Sunday Morning - 1987. In the late 80s, Maynard recorded with a smaller band and made a more electronically-oriented album called "High Voltage".
But Beautiful - 1992. Maynard returned to the big band format in the early nineties, forming "Big Bop Nouveau".
It's the Gospel Truth - 1995. Maynard, 67 at the time of this recording, shows us that he's still got it. This is from the "These Cats Can Swing" album.

I Love You - 1998. Trumpeter Carl Fischer and Maynard trade licks on a great Steve Weist arrangement from the album "Brass Attitude".

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Pictures From The Road | Maynard's 75th Birthday Bash | Misc. Photos | Exclusive Images | Links to More Images

Pictures From The Road
The following pics were sent to me by former Big Bop Nouveau sax player, Mike Dubaniewicz.

Gorlitz, Germany (Jeff Rupert -Tenorsax)

MF's Birthday Cake

Brian Wolfe

Stockholm airport

Maynard and Jeff Lashway in Weinheim, Germany

MF and Paul Armstrong in Weinheim, Germany

Maynard and the band in Italy
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Maynard's 75th Birthday Bash - Boston 05/2003
In May of 2003, Frank Vardaros arranged for Ryle's Jazz Club to host a 75th Birthday Bash weekend for Maynard. Many alumni were present and it was a great time.
My own low-quality photos from the event.

MF enjoying the show. Linda Maertz is partially shown to the right.

MF, with birthday champagne.

MF blowing out the candles on his MF cake.

Alan Wise making "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" sit up and beg for mercy.

Stan Mark performs a gorgeous trumpet arrangement of "The Way We Were".

MF and Big Bop Nouveau play a late night set.
Photos by Kristi Benton.

Alan Wise

Carl Fischer

Maynard and Slide Hampton

Maynard and his birthday cake.
Rick Petrone is on the right.

Slide Hampton

The Horns

Tom Garling

Stan Mark, Alan Wise, Brian Macdonald
Photos by MF Fan Jim Wedel.

An artsy shot

Carl Fischer plays a lick from "Hey Jude"

The trumpets play a little "Chameleon"

Jay Chattaway leads the alumni band in a new arrangement of "Happy Birthday".

Chip McNeil on the sax.

Mark Colby has still got it!

Ed presents MF with his birthday cake.

Maynard receives his new gold-plated horn from Sal Cardello.

Patrick Hession takes a solo.

Trumpet players will love this picture, caught in the split second that Patrick Hession pulled his horn off his mouth.

Maynard and Big Bop Nouveau drummer, Joel Fountain.

Maynard between Tom Garling and Reggie Watkins.

Maynard does his thing.

Mike on the sax.

Mark Van Cleave and Carl Fischer.

Maynard's new horn sounds pretty damn good.

Maynard puts on his glasses to read a new DiBlasio chart.

Reggie Watkins

Slide Hampton.

Stan Mark plays a little Hey Jude out in the audience.

Stan plays his arrangement of "The Way We Were"

The band...lots of trumpets.

Alan Wise.
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Misc. Photos



Thanks to Rusty Lerner for this image

Thanks to Lyle Radford for this image
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Exclusive Images
Paul Cacia has graciously allowed the Maynard Ferguson Tribute Page to display this sketch from his personal collection. Click on the image below to see a close-up view of Shorty Rogers' original sketch of "What's New".
Former MF soundman Travis Hatem sent in these two pics.

Original digital artwork by Travis
These pics were sent in by former Maynard saxman Mike Dubaniewicz. All were taken during the Swingin' for Schuur sessions at Capital Records in California. He can be heard on the MF album, Swingin for Schuur.

Reggie Watkins, Phil Ramone, Don Hahn, and engineer

Big Bop Nouveau, Denis DiBlasio, and Phil Ramone

Control Room - Maynard Ferguson and Phil Ramone

View from trumpet section - Reggie Watkins and Maynard Ferguson

The trumpets - Pat Hession, Paul Armstrong, Pete Ferguson

Denis DiBlasio, Mike Dubaniewicz, Jeff Rupert, Reggie Watkins

Brian Stahurski, bass

Brian Wolfe, drums

Jeff Lashway, piano
These pics were graciously provided to the Maynard Ferguson Tribute Page by Maynard Ferguson Music.

A couple of years ago, Maynard played a concert for the King of Thailand. Maynard fan Rusty Lerner obtained these rare photos.

Skip Spiro, who is a long time fan and friend of Maynard, sent me these pics. He writes: "I just found these old photos (circa 1962) from a show with my 12 piece band I formed while in Jr. High. Maynard brought along his rhythm section at the time (Mike Abene, Linc Milliman, and Rufus Jones). I'd love to share these with the guys on the forum and the website."

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Links to More Images
Album Covers - The best place to see Maynard Ferguson album covers is on Bruce Bromley's wonderful Maynard Ferguson
Concert Pics - Stratospheric (Oct 2004) photos taken by Maynard's daughter, Wilder.
Concert Pics - Croce's in San Diego, October 5, 2004. Photos by Tom Walko.
Concert Pics - Mequon, Wisconsin. October 28, 2002. Link provided by Jeff Chan.
Concert Pics - Toronto. June 22, 2002. Link provided by Jeff Chan.

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