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Maynard Tribute CD by The Loudhorns Now Available
June 28, 2009

The Loudhorns are a Nashville-based jazz-rock band made up of seven brass instruments (3 trumpets, 1 french horn, 2 trombones, 1 tuba) and a four person rhythm section (keyboard, guitars, electric bass, and drums). Their latest CD, "One For Maynard" features 9 fun and tight arrangements, more than half of which are Maynard Ferguson covers. Says band leader Joe Murphy, "Band Directors - This is your WAKE UP CALL!! Play great CDs in your bandroom. Your students need to know who Maynard Ferguson is, who Bill Chase is, who Doc Severinsen is, who Frank Rosolino is, who Carl Fontana is, who Bill Watrous is, who Stan Getz is, who Don Menza is, who Howard Johnson is, etc... And...Teach your kids to move air!! If you've forgotten what it's like to play loud, just listen to a Stan Kenton CD." You can order now in the Maynard Ferguson Store.

The Loudhorns CD Cover

Rare MF Interview Provided by Southern California Radio Station
June 28, 2009

Southern California radio station The SPA recently produced a two hour special on Maynard. The first hour features some of Maynard's music, and a new interview with Maynard's final manager, Steve Schankman. Hour two is a rare interview with Maynard, recorded 22 years ago. Both hours of this special are available for free download at The SPA's web site (just look for Maynard's picture).


Limited Copies of Re-Issued "Uncle Joe Shannon" Soundtrack Available
June 2, 2009

In 1978, Maynard teamed up with Bill Conti (composer of "Gonna Fly Now") to record the soundtrack to "Uncle Joe Shannon" a film about a jazz trumpeter who is down on his luck. This soundtrack has never before been on CD until it was recently re-released by Intrada as a limited edition 1,000 copy run. Intrada has already sold out, but managed to get 50 copies from them before they were gone. Get your copy while supplies last!
Update on 6/5: This item is sold out

Uncle Joe Shannon CD


Maynard Marathon on WCSK-FM 90.3 to Commemorate Maynard's Birthday
May 1, 2009

Once again, WCSK-FM (of Kingsport Schools in TN) will feature a Maynard Ferguson music marathon in honor of what would have been the boss's 81st birthday. For those of us who don't live within the range of this station, the station also streams on their web site. In previous years, many visitors to this site have tuned in and have been very supportive of this excellent effort to spread the word about MF. This year, they plan to feature some extremely rare Maynard music (see press release below for full information):

Press Release

WCSK-FM 90.3, The Voice of the Kingsport (TN) Schools, is once again proud to sponsor a 13 hour birthday celebration of the live and music of Maynard Ferguson. In keeping with the theme, "Long Live the Boss", the program (Sunday, May 3, 2009 from 11 AM - Midnight EDT) will feature a number of Maynard's Live albums (Live from Peacock Lane, MF Horn 4&5 Live from Jimmy's, Live from San Francisco, Live from London and MF Horn VI Live from Ronny's), interspersed with studio albums from different segments of his long performance career, including the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab cut of The Blues Roar, MF Horn 1, It's My Time, High Voltage 1, Big Bop Nouveau, and both discs of The Essential Maynard Ferguson compilation.

This program will feature two very rare items that even many hard-core Maynard fans may never have heard: The first are two 1970 tracks performed with Marsha Hunt (an American author and singer, who is also the mother of Mick Jagger's only child) from a British 45 that was never released in the US. Hunt was in the original cast of the musical "Hair," and she was skyrocketing to fame as this 45 was released. The first track was the Paul Simon (of Simon and Garfunkel fame) tune Keeping the Customer Satisfied, reissued in a wailing bluesy R&B style. Maynard can be heard screaming in the high register throughout most of the tune. On the flip side, Lonesome Holy Roller is credited to Hunt/Ferguson, so it appears that Marsha and Maynard wrote it there in the studio and laid it down in an improvised style. Likewise, Maynard screams in a number of spots.

The other is the 1972 soundtrack from the Italian motion picture La Prima Notte di Quiete, released in USA as "Indian Summer." This recording is the RARE, out-of-print Japanese pressing of the Italian movie soundtrack! MF solos beautifully on a number of tracks, and these are very hard to find. Note to Maynard fans-this is not traditional-sounding Maynard, but a very nice, lyrical portrayal of the movie theme.

As always, if you don't happen to live in the Upper East Tennessee/Southwest Virginia geographical area, you can catch the program on line at WCSK's website:

And if you like what you hear, drop station manager Jeff Hall ( a note to encourage him to keep the Maynard marathon's coming. Long Live the Boss! Now on Twitter
April 23, 2009

Now you can follow on Twitter. Keep track of Maynard news, along with news about former Maynard alumni, as well as players of interest such as Jim Manley, Eric Miyashiroy, Joey Pero, and more!


New In the Maynard Ferguson Store: Joey Pero's "Resonance"
April 11, 2009

Joey Pero - ResonanceOver the years, Maynard attracted some extremely talented musicians to his band. Often, after leaving Maynard's band, these musicians have gone on to have impressive careers of their own. One of the fun things about administering is that I am often contacted by former band members when they have a new project or recording. Recently Joey Pero, a former trumpet player with Maynard and Big Bop Nouveau, let me know about his debut album, "Resonance". I had heard Joey's name come up a few times in the Maynard Ferguson forum, but I never had the chance to catch him when he was on Maynard's band, so he wasn't really on my radar. I received a copy of his CD with no real expectation of what I was about to hear.

I didn't know what I was in for. This CD is one of the most interesting and creative trumpet albums that I've heard in a long time. Simultaneously modern and traditional, the album is full of influences ranging from traditional jazz to hip-hop, rock, pop, classical, and even some drum corps. I highly recommend heading over to the Merchandise page to listen to the sound clips that I've posted. I think we'll be hearing a lot more from Joey in the years to come.


New Items in the Maynard Ferguson Store
March 21, 2009

I'm excited to announce that two new items have been added to the Maynard Ferguson store. The first is a new Maynard tee shirt called "Maynard Lives". It's a black tee with a white MF logo over a white MF photo design. Directly underneath is the slogan "Maynard Lives". It can be found in the Maynard Ferguson Store's clothing page.
"Maynard Lives" Tee

A new CD by Swedish trumpeter Lasse Lindgren is also available in the Maynard Ferguson Store. The album is titled "Spirits: Lasse Lindgren Big Constellation Plays in the Spirit of Maynard Ferguson". I heard this CD about a month ago, and immediately contacted Lasse to get copies for the Maynard Ferguson store. Lasse has managed to very accurately capture the showmanship and joy that was inherent in Maynard's performances. This CD was produced by the legendary Ernie Garside, and Lasse even played one of Maynard's Conn Connstellation trumpets throughout the session. I have limited quantities of this CD, and I highly recommend it. You can see the track listing and hear sound clips on the Maynard Ferguson Store's music page.


Alumni Update - Tim Ries
March 21, 2009

Tim Ries played saxophone for Maynard in the 1980s, appearing on both the "Live From San Francisco" and "Body and Soul" albums. Since his time with Maynard, he has traveled the world with the Rolling Stones and also pursued some of his own projects. You can read about Tim in this recent Edmonton Journal article, "Dreams come true for Tim Ries".


Kurt Thompson and Boss Nouveau's Debut Performance: March 20
March 15, 2009

Kurt Thompson, a California trumpet player, has put together a jazz band that he calls "Boss Nouveau". The purpose of this band, according to Kurt, is to pay tribute to many of his trumpet heroes, including Maynard, Doc Severinsen, Bud Brisbois, and Bill Chase. You can visit Boss Nouveau's MySpace page for more information and sound clips.

Boss Nouveau's first performance will be on March 20th in Walnut Creek, California. For more information, visit Boss Nouveau's MySpace page or you can send email to


Keith FialaFormer Maynard Trumpeter Keith Fiala Releases Book
March 15, 2009

Former Big Bop Nouveau trumpeter Keith Fiala has just released a new book titled "Secrets to Efficient Brass Playing". Keith is offering this book as an e-book directly from his web site,, which makes it available for immediate download after purchase.

Keith's book was recently given some glowing reviews from some regular members of the Maynard Ferguson Forum, which is no easy audience. New York trumpet Nick Mondello writes, "While Fiala's terrific contribution here is not about secrets - there is nothing radical or revolutionary - but rather he provides a very well-presented emphasis on using one's common sense to get the most out of our trumpeting selves. (Somehow it seems that when we were lining up to play the horn, we all went to the trumpeter's line, forsaking the common sense line!) His easy going, me-you verbal style gives one the impression that you're in a casual hang with him in the shed room. He knows his stuff. The "Chop Doc," Jeanne Pocius is also a Master (Mistress?) of this gift, as is Bobby Shew and Clint "Pops" McLaughlin, who Fiala credits admirably."

Check out Keith's new book at his web site:


Mike DubaniewiczFormer Maynard Saxophonist Mike Dubaniewicz Releases New CD
February 12, 2009

Former Maynard Ferguson and Big Bop Nouveau saxophonist Mike Dubaniewicz has just released his new CD entitled "Drive Time". Maynard fans will remember Mike's playing from Maynard's "The One and Only Maynard Ferguson" CD as well as the "Maynard Ferguson Tribute Concert" DVD recorded shortly after Maynard's death. According to Mike's press release, "This project features Mike on a diverse selection of tunes ranging from straight ahead jazz to afro-Cuban to soul. Admirers of the Hammond B3 will enjoy the driving organ playing of Ron Oswanski (MF, BS&T) who grooves with the best of them on this session. On drums is Vince Ector who is no stranger to funky organ units having played with Charles Earland, as well as Bobby Watson and Freddie Hubbard."

The album, which includes "I Can't Get Started" as a tribute to Maynard, has already received a 4 star review from Audiophile Audition. You can listen to sound clips and buy the new CD at Mike's web site, (one of the better musician web sites I've seen).

Track listing:

  1. Hubtones
  2. Along Came Betty
  3. I Can't Get Started
  4. 20-20-11
  5. Woman Across the River
  6. Just Friends
  7. Wee
  8. Red Snapper
  9. Gigue
  10. Moontrane
  11. Drive Time



Reggie WatkinsFormer Maynard Trombonist/Musical Director on SNL Tonight
January 31, 2009

Former Maynard Ferguson and Big Bop Nouveau trombonist Reggie Watkins is on tour with rock/pop artist Jason Mraz (probably best known for his song Remedy). Tonight, Mraz is the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. If you saw Maynard play during his last 6 or 7 years of touring, there's a good chance that you saw Reggie perform. In addition to playing, Reggie was also the band's musical director also did some arranging. His arrangement of Girl From Ipanema appeared on the MF Horn 6: Live at Ronnie's album.

You can find more information about Reggie at and take a look at Jason Mraz's tour dates at


Peter OlstadFormer Maynard Trumpeter Peter Olstad Endorses New Trumpet
January 4, 2009

Former Big Bop Nouveau trumpeter Peter Olstad (who played in Big Bop Nouveau with Wayne Bergeron and Roger Ingram...what a line-up!) is endorsing a new trumpet that will be available early this year. The manufacturer is P. Mauriat, and they have released the following statement:

The P. Mauriat company is coming out with a line of trumpets. Their first endorser is Maynard alumni Peter Olstad. This company has been making fine saxophones for a few years and is debuting it's trumpet line at the NAMM show January, 2009.

Jazz and lead trumpet player Peter Olstad has toured and performed with the bands of Maynard Ferguson, Buddy Rich, Woody Herman, Blood Sweat and Tears, Mel Torme, and Brian Setzer. In 1999, Peter was hired by Tom Jones and played lead trumpet for 9 years, touring 35 weeks a year for that period of time. From Carnige Hall to Royal Albert hall; the Hollywood Bowl to Wembley Stadium, he has played them all.

Born in Burbank California and later moving to Evergreen Colorado , Peter attended Berklee College of music in Boston and the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley . While in college, Peter received the Downbeat magazine's best jazz soloist college division 3 years in a row, and later went on to become one of the five finalists in the Thelonious Monk Institute's Louis Armstrong jazz trumpet competition in Washington D.C.

Settling back in the Los Angles area after college, Peter spent the next 15 years as a freelance trumpet player and later relocated to New York for another 10 years before settling back in Denver Colorado where he now resides.

Mr. Olstad himself has this to say:

"...I am debuting horn at the NAMM show in January. A note about the horn:

In the 30 or so years that I have been a working trumpet player, I have either owned or played just about every trumpet out there on the market. My search was to find one horn to do all of my work on.

Guess what? The search is over. I have found what I was looking for in the P. Mauriat trumpet. I was knocked out by how great the sound was from the first note I played. Also I was impressed by how well in tune the horn played and the ease and stability of the upper register. This is a great trumpet.

In fact I feel that it will become the "new standard" on which other companies in the future will gauge their own horns by. "

More information can be found at the P. Mauriat web site and at Peter Olstad's web site.


Arturo Sandoval Plays National Anthem at Orange Bowl
January 4, 2009

Grammy winning trumpeter Arturo Sandoval played the Star Spangled Banner at the Orange Bowl this year, helping to raise the profile of trumpet playing again on a national stage. It's a very impressive rendition, and I think it would have made Maynard smile.


Jim Manley's "Eight" Receives Glowing Review from
January 3, 2009 has reviewed Jim Manley's new CD, "Eight", and had nothing but praise. An excerpt:

High-note trumpeting is rarified air. Many are called to scream and fly, but few are indeed chosen. They are the ones having the chops and musicianship to make the altissimo bravissimo. Manley marvelously proves he can indeed do it "up there" and "out there"—as a musician first and foremost and monster lead and scream trumpeter. This album is a gem of trumpet scream skills, great jazz improvisations, tight ensemble playing, and terrific musicianship.

Jim Manley's "Eight" is available in the Maynard Ferguson Store.


Lynn Nicholson Web Site
December 8, 2008

Lynn Nicholson was a popular trumpeter in Maynard's band of the mid 1970s. The DVD "At The Top" shows Maynard bringing Lynn down to the front of the stage to show off his chops. Now, Lynn has a web site that features a personal gallery of Maynard photos, along with some beautiful photography available for purchase. Visit Lynn's site at


Jim Manley - EightJim Manley's New CD Available in MF Store
December 8, 2008

St. Louis trumpeter Jim Manley has a new CD, and it's fantastic. Inspired by Maynard's style and endorsed by Maynard's friend and tour manager, Ed Sargent, "Eight" swings from beginning to end. Visit the Maynard Ferguson Store for sound clips and track listing.

From the liner notes: "I also love Maynard Ferguson's LP's from the 60's and wanted to capture the excitement of his bands in that era which prominently featured his sidemen and fantastic arrangers - all of which we have here."


Maynard Ferguson Tribute Band Forming in California Bay Area
November 28, 2008

Bay area trumpeter Kurt Thompson is currently rehearsing a Maynard Ferguson tribute band. They are hoping to be ready to perform in February of 2009. Says Kurt: "This is not a band about lead trumpet players tastelessly belting out Maynard charts, but rather, coming as close as possible to the sounds and styles of Maynard. His antics, movements, etc...are also being inserted in the performance. We are trying to present a broad history of his songs starting with Maynard Ferguson by Shorty Rogers, Tenderly, of course Give it One, Birdland, etc.....We will close our shows with BLUE BIRDLAND....just like Maynard did."

Rehearsals are open to anyone who wants to watch. Just email Kurt at for information. will post details of scheduled performances when they become available. To receive updates, make sure that you are on our mailing list.


Maynard Ferguson Alumni Update
November 28, 2008

Ken Robinson
Let The Trumpet SoundKen Robinson was a trumpet player in one of the last incarnations of Big Bop Nouveau. Ken has just released a beautiful new classical CD titled "Let The Trumpet Sound" featuring himself on trumpet and Dave Wagner on organ. The entire CD is impressive, but what really makes this CD special is the last track, titled "Farewell Maynard". This is a touching tribute to Maynard, based on the melody "Caruso", arranged for eight trumpets, two trombones, and organ. Ken didn't stop there. He recruited some trumpet heavyweights to play on this track. The eight trumpets in this recording are: Ken Robinson, Walter White, Adolph "Bud" Herseth, Charles Schlueter, Patrick Hession, Arturo Sandoval, Brian Moon, and John Davidson. To me, this track perfectly captures both the romanticism and wild abandon of Maynard's approach to music. Listen to a clip of this tribute track, and then buy the album in the Maynard Ferguson store.

Wayne Bergeron
Trumpeter Wayne Bergeron has made quite a name for himself in the years since he played with Maynard, even garnering a Grammy nomination for his first solo album. This Christmas season, Wayne appears on new CD by the After Hours Brass titled "Music and Mistletoe". You can listen to sound clips and order at the After Hour Brass web site.


New Don Ellis DVD (featuring Maynard) Released Today
November 28, 2008

"Electric Heart", the new Don Ellis DVD from Sleepy Night Records is released today. You might remember from my previous story that this DVD features over 150 minutes of special features and an interview with Maynard himself. The DVD can be ordered at Sleepy Night Records.   [screen caps]


Maynard Ferguson Store Prices Slashed
November 28, 2008

Several items in the Maynard Ferguson Store have just had their prices permanently slashed! Some newly discounted items include Maynard Ferguson Christmas Ornaments, Newsletters, stocking hats, DVDs, and more! Browse through the store's Accessories, Clothing, and Music sections and look for the red Price Reduced wording next to the item names.


Maynard Featured on Upcoming Don Ellis DVD
November 1, 2008

Sleepy Night Records, who brought us the two Maynard Ferguson "Lost Tapes" CDs, are releasing a Don Ellis DVD thatfeatures an interview with Maynard. This DVD is coming on November 28 and can be pre-ordered at

From Sleepy Night Records:
"We are now taking pre-orders for the Don Ellis DVD "Electric Heart", the award winning documentary by John Vizzusi about the life and music of this great musician. Many of his band and friends are interviewed in this DVD along with the great Maynard Ferguson who, as always, had some great things to say about his involvement with Don over the years. The special features are massive: over 150 minutes containing "Extra Ellis," more unseen footage and interviews, "The Reunion Concert" and rehearsal at the Whisky a Go Go in 2005, and a special audio track recorded as a tribute to Don and his Mum and Dad by friend and trumpet player Gary Gillies of Sleepy Night Records.

Don Ellis was a jazz trumpeter, drummer, bandleader, recording artist, arranger and composer ( The French Connection is one of his best scores). Born in Los Angeles on July 25, 1934, he died of a heart attack at his home in North Hollywood on December 17, 1978.

Don Ellis is perhaps best known for his unusual and complex meters. He often used 9/4, 5/8, 7/8, 9/8, and 19/4 time signatures, he also worked in quarter-tone melodic structures and had his own 4 valve quarter tone trumpet. In later years, he played a "superbone," a combination valve/slide trombone also the "Firebird Trumpet", slide trumpet both instruments designed by Maynard Ferguson.


"Maynard Ferguson: The Lost Tapes - Volume Two" Now Available for Pre-Order from Sleepy Night Records
May 23, 2008

Sleepy Night Records, the company that brought us the World of MF DVD and the first Lost Tapes CD, is now taking pre-orders for "The Lost Tapes, Volume Two" CD, releasing June 9, 2008. Until midnight of June 9 (UK time), a special rate of $19.99 plus shipping will be offered. The cover art is revealed below.

                     [click to enlarge]

  Track listing:

  1. Give it One 5'54
  2. Blue Birdland. 10'06
  3. In the Mood 3'36
  4. OLE. 8'22
  5. Sunny 4'47
  6. Eli's Coming 9'00
  7. Bridge over Troubled Water 4'05
  8. Shiva Shakti (The Serpent) 8'03
  9. LA Expression 5'02
  10. La Fiesta 11'33.

These are live and never before released tracks. Listen to some impressive sound clips here, and order here.

Second Video of 80th Birthday Tribute Concert Rehearsal
May 23, 2008

Bob Gould has but together another great video of the rehearsal from the 80th Birthday concert in May 2008.


Short Video of 80th Birthday Tribute Concert Rehearsal
May 9, 2008

Maynard fan Bob Gould shot some great video and still photos of the Maynard Ferguson Alumni Band's 80th Birthday Tribute Concert rehearsal on Saturday, May 3. He edited together some of the video and still shots to make this compilation.


University of Illinois Summer Jazz Festival to Feature Maynard Ferguson Music
May 8, 2008

The University of Illinois Summer Jazz Festival (located on the University of Illinois campus in Urbana, IL) will feature Maynard Ferguson music on two consecutive nights. They're gathering an impressive lineup of MF alumni including Denis DiBlasio, Walter White, Jim Rupp, Tom Garling, Chip Stephens, and Chip McNeill. An evening of Big Bop Nouveau music is planned, along with an evening of MF hits. More details can be found on the concerts page.


Ferguson Family Selling the "Maynard Ferguson Collection"
May 7, 2008

The Ferguson family is looking for a buyer interested in purchasing the Ferguson Collection. This includes horns, mouthpieces, MF's music library, clothing, books, awards, and more. You can view this incredible collection at


WCSK Radio Planning 10-Hour MF Marathon
April 25, 2008

WCSK, based in Kingsport, TN is celebrating what would've been Maynard's 80th Birthday (May 4) by giving him a 10-hour tribute on the following day, May 5. If you live in the area, you can tune in, or anyone in the world can listen online. Their message:

90.3 FM WCSK Radio in Kingsport, TN will recognize Maynard Ferguson’s 80th birthday with a “Boss’ Day 10-hour tribute”. This Maynard Ferguson special will take place Monday, May 5th, beginning at 5:00am (EDT) and will continue through 3:00pm. Special thanks to Pete Lodal for supplying his extensive Maynard Ferguson collection. WCSK RADIO is owned and operated by the Kingsport, TN City School system and can be heard on 90.3 FM throughout the Kingsport, TN area. For those outside the listening area, you can listen online:

For those of you who tried to tune into WCSK last August during our 24 hour Maynard Marathon but could not, we have upgraded our software, and can now be heard though most corporate firewalls. Try us out again. If you have any questions contact Jeff Hall, WCSK station manager, at 423-378-2111, or e-mail to

It’s the Boss’s day! Let's celebrate!


Alumni Updates
April 25, 2008

Jeff Lashway, former MF pianist (and one of MF's favorites) recently wrote:
New Album...errr....I mean CD!

Yeah, I know...I'm hopelessly out of date. I STILL think "album" sounds cooler than "CD".

Anyway....we're in the later stages of doing a recording that's been in the planning stages since the summer of 06. In January of '07 I did some things at Stark Lake Recording in Orlando, Florida. The people involved in that session included Richard Drexler on bass, John Jenkins, drums, MF alum Jeff Rupert, tenor, and John Allred on trombone. (is Allred the finest player today? I sure couldn't argue the point.) Jeff Rupert sounds just marvelous on "Quintessence" and the whole quartet cooks on "One By One". John and I did several piano/bone duos that will make it onto the album. There will also be a couple of solo piano things.

Skip to late March of this year and we finally did the second session...this time at Manfred Knoops GREAT studio in's really one of the HOT studios for jazz recording now. He has a WONDERFUL Hamburg Steinway that just SINGS...a great instrument! For this session I wrote a couple of tunes as well as did some arrangements for 3 horns and rhythm. Pulling from the awesome NYC pool of players, the session features Frank Basile on Bari (Vanguard Band...Michael Buble), John Allred once again...and Jim Rotondi (One for All, Eric Alexander) on trumpet...what a great player! The rhythm session includes Todd Coolman on bass (Marion McPartland, James Moody) and, of course, the truly astonishing Vinnie Colaiuta (virtually EVERYONE) on drums. I played with Vinnie years ago and it was just a total BLAST to have this musical (and otherwise) reunion. It's no wonder he's commonly considered the finest drummer today. His fans will LOVE this album....they will hear him in settings he seldom gets to play in. Highlights of this session include my Afro Cuban arrangement of Sonny Rollin's "Airegin" and a great original by Producer Scott Elias called "SweetBop".

Finally, next week we conclude recording in Nashville with singer Jimmy Hall. Jimmy has been the MD for Hank Williams for some time now and was the voice of Wet Willie. He has a wonderful "Blue Eyed Soul" kind of thing going on that will be great on the things we have planned. We have a swinging arrangement of "Down Here on the Ground" for well as a kind of suite of music having to do with New Orleans (where I lived for 5 years and still consider my second home).

Then it's back to Orlando for mixing/mastering, etc. It's been a very exciting project and I am anxious to hear the finished product. I think it's going to be good...real good (and I'm not usually one to say that!).

I'll update progress as we go along. The albu....err......CD....should be out later this summer!

Thanks for to y'all later!


Alumni Updates
April 10, 2008

Reggie Watkins, Denis Diblasio, Jeff Lashway, Dave Throckmorton, Matt Parker
Several former Maynard band members will be playing in Philadelphia on Thursday, April 24. Click the image below for details.
Poster of Event


MF 80th Birthday Tribute Concert Just Around the Corner
April 9, 2008

We're less than a month away from the Maynard Ferguson 80th Birthday Tribute Concert! May 4, 2008, would've been Maynard's 80th birthday, and Steve Schankman (Maynard's former manager) and Ed Sargent (Maynard's former tour manager) are working hard to produce an exciting concert that will feature 19 of Maynard's alumni. This concert is intended to be a celebration of Maynard's music, and of the joyful way that he lived his life.

Performer's include:

  • Eric Miyashiro (trumpet, from Tokyo)
  • Walter White (trumpet, from New York)
  • Frank Greene (trumpet)
  • Jon Owens (trumpet)
  • Scott Engelbright (trumpet)
  • Thomas Marriott (trumpet)
  • Reggie Watkins (trombone)
  • Joe Barati (trombone)
  • Keith Oshiro (trombone)
  • Steve Wiest (trombone - and recent Grammy nominee!)
  • Chip McNeill (sax)
  • Denis DiBlasio (sax)
  • Matt Wallace (sax)
  • Mike Dubaniewicz (sax)
  • Tim Ries (sax)
  • Chip Stephens (piano)
  • Brian Stahurski (bass)
  • Dave Throckmorton (drums)

The show will take place in the beautiful Touhill Performing Arts Center in St. Louis, Missouri (the same location where the Maynard Ferguson Tribute Concert DVD was filmed), and could be our last chance to celebrate Maynard on this kind of scale. Buy your tickets now!

Alumni Updates
March 13, 2008

Steve Wiest, Keith Fiala
Both Steve Wiest (trombone) and Keith Fiala (trumpet) will be performing as part of the Temple College Jazz Festival later this month in Temple, Texas. Wiest will be performing with the Temple College Jazz Ensemble on Friday, March 28. Fiala will be playing lead with the Temple Jazz Orchestra, on Saturday, March 29, featuring special guest Gordon Goodwin. Details here.


Alumni Updates
March 11, 2008

Steve Wiest, Stockton Helbing, Brian Mulholland and Ken Edwards
Wiest (trombone), Helbing (drums), Mulholland (bass), and Edwards (trumpet), all Maynard alumni, will be performing at the Waseca Jazz Festival in Waseca, MN, this Saturday (March 15). Also, they will be putting on a clinic on Saturday that is free and open to the public. Details are available here.


Alumni Updates
March 9, 2008

Gregg Bissonette
Bissonette (who played drums with Maynard in the 1980s) will be performing at West Michigan's 10th annual Free Fun with Drums Concert/Clinic in Muskegon, Michigan, on March 14. Details can be found at the Grand Haven Tribune's web site.

Denis DiBlasio
Denis DiBlasio (who played sax with Maynard in the 1980s and beyond) will be performing at the Paramount Theatre in St. Cloud, Minnesota as part of their Hepcat Junction show on March 13. Details can be found at the Paramount Theatre's web site.

Reggie Watkins
Reggie Watkins (who played trombone with Maynard in some of the final incarnations of Big Bop Nouveau, and also acted as Maynard's musical director) has been working with Pittsburgh's Boogie Hustlers band. Details can be found at the Showcase web site.


Ferguson 80th birthday celebration concert May 4, 2008
March 7, 2008

From Contemporary Productions:

On Sunday, May 4, we will celebrate what would have been Maynard Ferguson's 80th birthday (born on May 4, 1928).

Steve Schankman, producer and personal manager of Maynard Ferguson, along with Ed Sargent, Maynard's Tour Manager, will produce an exciting concert featuring 19 of Maynard's alumni. Schankman and Sargent also produced the tribute concert after Maynard's passing on August 23, 2006.

The show will open with a special video being created just for this event, followed by the alumni orchestra performing songs of the boss's favorites including Take the A Train, Stella by Starlight, St. Thomas and the hits including the theme from Rocky (Gonna Fly Now) and Birdland.

A feature of the second half of the show will open with the Big Bop Nouveau Band, Maynard's last group, performing selections from The One and Only, Maynard's lasting recording.

Featured soloists on trumpet will include, from Tokyo, Japan, Eric Miyashiro and Walter White from New York City. Also in the group line up will be Reggie Watkins on trombone, Chip McNeill and Denis DiBlasio on saxes, Grammy nominee Steve Wiest on trombone, Tim Ries from the Rolling Stones on sax and a rhythm section comprised of Chip Stephens on piano, Brian Stahurski on bass and Dave Throckmorton on drums.

Matt Keller, host of the website will share the MC duties for the program.

This will be a can't miss concert for anyone who's life was touched by Jazz legend Maynard Ferguson.

Tickets are available at the Touhill Performing Arts Center website.


StarsTeachMusic Offers Maynard Ferguson Online Video Packages
March 6, 2008 is offering several video lessons by Maynard. They say:

StarsTeachMusic, in association with Contemporary Productions, has assembled 5 online videos by the great trumpeter Maynard Ferguson in one attractively priced video package that includes Maynard's insights on Improvisation, Style, Performance Philosophy, Vibrato, Pressure, Energy and Stamina. Also included is Maynard's recollections on his encounters with Miles Davis. Entertaining, informative and produced in a conversational style, these videos provide a rare look in to one of the great innovators of the trumpet.


February's Featured Maynard Ferguson Store Item: New Vintage Stickers
February 10, 2008

This month's featured Maynard Ferguson Store item is the promotional "New Vintage" sticker seen below. These are not reproductions, but are originals from the 1970s that were discovered in Maynard's home office after his passing. Some may show slight signs of age, but are still in good condition and make a great Maynard Ferguson collectable. More details can be found in the Maynard Ferguson Store.

New Vintage Promo Sticker
       Click to Enlarge


Sleepy Night Records Announces "Lost Tapes" Winner
September 3, 2007

Sleepy Night Records, publishers of the upcoming "Maynard Ferguson: The Lost Tapes" CD, have announced that Kirsten Byrd of Coatesville, Pennsylvania is the winner of a special package of MF goodies, donated by Ernie Garside. If you haven't ordered yet, I'd encourage you to do so before the September 10th release date.

                   [click to enlarge]


Diane Schuur and Maynard Ferguson DVD Now Available
August 28, 2007

The Maynard Ferguson Online Store is now carrying the "Live From Seattle - Diane Schuur with Maynard Ferguson and his Big Bop Nouveau Band Live From the King Cat Theater" DVD. Visit the Online Store for details.

Diane Schuur and Maynard DVD


One Year Ago
August 22, 2007

Tomorrow, August 23, marks the one year anniversary of Maynard's death. Maynard may be gone but he is far from forgotten. Maynard's long time friend and tour manager, Ed Sargent, posted a beautiful note in the Maynard Ferguson Forum today, expressing his feelings one year after losing his best friend. An excerpt follows:

"It is still, even after 364 days, hard to believe the person who touched so many lives is not with us. I often sit and think about the many, many years together with overwhelming joy. The experience with him and the multitude of band members that came into my life is and always will be treasured beyond compare. For this I am truly grateful and humbly blessed."

I read on an earlier thread about your most memorable Maynard moment and I literally laughed out loud as to where to begin. Maynard always loved to sit or stand by the window and look out over the city, whatever city...
read the entire entry

In the days immediately following Maynard's passing, fans from all over the world grieved together and posted some of their favorite photos on the Maynard Ferguson Forum. These photos were a testament to how gracious and generous Maynard was with his own time, and a reminder that Maynard was not just an amazing musician, but a beautiful human being as well.

We still miss you, Boss.


Late Music Legend Maynard Ferguson's Contributions Live On…
August 22, 2007

The following is a statement from Contemporary Productions:

ST. LOUIS - August 22, 2007 -- One year ago tomorrow, Thursday, August 23rd, the world lost one of the great legends, Maynard Ferguson - a jazz trumpeter, bandleader and music educator. Today, Ferguson's life long legendary status lives on in many ways through more than 60+ albums, protégés and alumni band members. Contemporary Productions and the Maynard Ferguson Trust celebrate his life with his final CD, The One and Only Maynard Ferguson and a DVD set that includes The Maynard Ferguson Tribute Concert (recorded September 20, 2006 in St. Louis with an orchestra of 30+ alumni band members) as well as 60 minutes of bonus footage from years past.

The One and Only Maynard Ferguson
Ferguson, affectionately known as "The Boss," worked with hundreds of musicians worldwide throughout his more than six decades in the business. For this CD, he enlisted the musical and composition talents of notable and famous alumni including Wayne Bergeron, Denis DiBlasio, Chip McNeill, and Steve Wiest as well as many of his Big Bop Nouveau Band members.

These talented individuals are just a handful of featured musicians on The One and Only Maynard Ferguson CD. This recording contains nine tracks -- five are new takes on old favorites including "The Days of Wine and Roses" and "Besame Mucho," where fans will enjoy a dueling trumpet duet between Ferguson and Wayne Bergeron. Other tunes include three original compositions by Denis DiBlasio, and an all new composition by pianist and Ferguson's son-in-law, Christian Jacob titled "Lost Horizons" featuring the flugelhorn played beautifully by Ferguson.

Ferguson passed away just three weeks after The One and Only Maynard Ferguson was recorded. What was intended to be just one of many albums recorded, this particular one has evolved into Ferguson's legacy piece. The One and Only Maynard Ferguson is sure to secure Ferguson's deserved standing as a legend in the history of American Jazz.

The One and Only Maynard Ferguson has recently received great reviews from JazzTimes (September 2007) and 4-star accolades from DownBeat Magazine (September 2007).

The Maynard Ferguson Tribute Concert DVD
Ferguson touched the lives of musicians around the world in a way that cannot be explained, but celebrated. Trumpet player, friend and personal manager, Steve Schankman worked with the Maynard's family and alumni musicians to develop a one of a kind Tribute - a true labor of love and celebration of Maynard's life as one of the greats in jazz history. Held September 20, 2006 at the University of Missouri-St. Louis' Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center, this Tribute Concert brought together more than 30 alumni artists from Maynard's fifty plus years of entertaining audiences around the world. In a manner of words, the Tribute was the ultimate symphony dedicated to a man they called "The Boss". His dedication to education and his pure love of sound made Maynard the kind of performer these musicians strive to be today. He is a beloved hero, entertainer, bandleader, mentor and friend whose legend will live on in every trumpet note.

In addition to the Tribute Concert, this DVD set also includes more than an hour of bonus footage excerpts, many of which have never before been seen, from performances all over the world. Recorded between 1950-2006, these excerpts demonstrate Maynard's trumpet artistry and trademark exuberance as a world renowned bandleader.

The One and Only Maynard Ferguson (retail price $20) and The Maynard Ferguson Tribute DVD (retail $49.99) are both available online at

Maynard Ferguson Background
Walter Maynard Ferguson, born May 4, 1928, in Montreal, started his career at age 13 when he performed as a featured soloist with the Canadian Broadcasting Company Orchestra. He opened for some of the great Big Band Leaders of the 1940s including Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie and Harry James, and then went on to play with Charlie Barnett, Jimmy Dorsey and Stan Kenton. In 1945 at age 17, Ferguson became the leader of his own Big Band. The 78 year-old musical phenomenon went on to record more than 60 albums, receiving numerous honors and awards including the GRAMMY® nomination for "Gonna Fly Now" otherwise known as the theme from the movie Rocky. In 2005, Ferguson was awarded Canada's highest civilian honor, the "Order of Canada" from the Right Honorable Governor General Adrienne Clarkson. Additionally, Ferguson has been the recipient of DownBeat Magazine's prestigious "DownBeat" award.

"The Boss" had performed for packed houses for decades. In his final days, he and the Big Bop Nouveau Band were touring the United States, recording what we now know as The One and Only Maynard Ferguson and preparation for a fall 2006 tour in Tokyo.

Maynard Ferguson was passionate about his music, his fans and his family. An inspiration both onstage and off, Ferguson's life was full of high notes. His dedication to his craft was unparalleled and his vibrant presence on stage was legendary. Maynard Ferguson will be greatly missed.

MEDIA NOTE: For media interested in interviews, Ferguson's Personal Manager Steve Schankman and Tour Manager Ed Sargent are available for phone interviews upon request. High Resolution Images and promotional copies (limited availability) can be requested as well. All media inquiries should go to Kelly McMahon, 314.721.9090 ext. 335 (office) or via email at


Tennessee Radio Station to Play 24 Hours of Maynard
August 22, 2007

On Thursday, August 23, WCSK-FM 90.3, the voice of the Kingsport (Tennessee) City Schools, will be hosting "A Maynard Marathon." You can listen online here.


"A Message From Birdland" Now Available on CD
August 22, 2007

A Message from Birdland, Maynard's classic live album recorded in June of 1959 (Maynard was 31!) has just been reissued by Blue Note Records. This amazing album is available at

A Message From Birdland


Alumni Update: Ray Brinker
August 21, 2007

Ray Brinker played drums with Maynard. After Maynard passed, Ray sold Maynard's Cadillac and recently sent Maynard's daughters the following message. They sent the message to me, wanting to share Ray's news.

"Hello Fergusons!

I'm proud to announce my creation and funding of the "Maynard Ferguson Memorial Drumset Scholarship" at the University of North Texas, where, as you know, Maynard often recruited his drummers (fortunately for me!).

This seemed like the most fitting way for me to invest my $500 profit from the MF Cadillac auction on eBay. This $500 scholarship will financially assist a selected Jazz Studies Drumset major at UNT. I'm hoping to continue to fund this scholarship yearly. It allows me to both honor Maynard and give back to the school that was a profound influence upon my career.

Take care,
Ray Brinker


Only a Couple of Days Left to Order "The Lost Tapes" at a Discount!
August 21, 2007

There are only 3 more days or receive a discount on the upcoming Maynard rarities CD, "The Lost Tapes". Order before August 24 to receive the discount. Sound clips are available here.

                   [click to enlarge]

Maynard Ferguson Store 1 Year Anniversary Sale
August 12, 2007

This week marks the 1-year Anniversary of the Maynard Ferguson Online Store. The web store has allowed us to experiment and offer new and unique Maynard Ferguson merchandise over this past year. In appreciation of your continued support, we are offering big savings for a limited time in the MF Store. Some of our apparel prices have been slashed by 40%, and some accessory items are now BOGO (buy one, get one free). You can browse the online store to find these sale items, or you can visit our Sale Items section.


Down Beat Magazine Gives "The One and Only Maynard Ferguson" a 4-Star Review
August 9, 2007

In the September 2007 issue of Down Beat Magazine, Maynard's final studio album, the recently released "The One And Only Maynard Ferguson" receives a 4-star review.

The One and Only Maynard Ferguson

Maynard Ferguson
The One And Only

Probably no trumpeter played as high - for as long - as Maynard Ferguson. His career as a leather-lipped, steel-lunged phenom lasted more than 60 years. This album, a sort of valediction, was recorded approximately a month before his death in August 2006. On this disc Ferguson plays with much of the same force and clarity that had been his standard for decades. He could always be counted on for the "money shot," and even though it took on the cachet of shtick long ago, Ferguson's audience came to expect it. He seemed happy to deliver.

The arrangements are punchy yet predictable. They set up Ferguson's inevitable solo. When not forte, the charts are often fortissimo. Ferguson always surrounded himself with hot, younger players, with this lineup no exception. Trombonist Steve Wiest plays sharp-as-a-knife on "Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone." Trumpeter Wayne Bergeron receives the ultimate compliment in the stratospheric duet with Ferguson on "Besame Mucho," on which it's hard to tell who basks in the shadow of whom.

The few reflective moments, like the lovely ballad "Vitta Bella," serve as brief oases of calm in the otherwise turbulent maelstrom. Even on "Darn that Dream," though, Ferguson's lines inevitably arc upward to a high-note climax. His vibrato, in the form of a shake of the last held note, has the feeling of electrical current spewing forth from a severed high power cable. Ferguson ends his solo on "Lost Horizons" by glissing upward into the clouds. He didn't go gently into that good night. He went kicking and screaming.
-Kirk Silsbee

Alumni Update: Lynn Nicholson
August 9, 2007

Many fans of Maynard's work in the 1970s will remember Lynn Nicholson, the young trumpet player with the huge sound. In his typical generous style, Maynard would frequently feature Lynn by letting him come down front and playing Maynard's part. Lynn has been living in Las Vegas for many years, and has recently started offering private trumpet lessons. He can be reached at for more information.

William Severin Thompson, a Maynard fan and self-described "comeback player" (back on the horn after 20 years of not playing) recently met with Lynn for a few sessions. He had this to say:

"I've taken lessons with Lynn, and have seen some remarkable improvements in my playing... including quadrupling my endurance with one simple change that took one weekend to adjust to.

While Lynn has the chops of a screamer, he is aligned with the spirit of Maynard Ferguson in many ways that you'll find quite remarkable. Add to that the analytical mind of an engineer, and you'll get a trumpet teacher that can take you to where you've been searching in your quest to become the lead/screamer player you've always wanted to be.

Lynn's methods can be considered contrarian to some, but they are a result of Lynn figuring out a number of things about the way Maynard accomplished his unbelievable range and power. He can teach that to you.

Obviously, face to face lessons at Lynn's home in Las Vegas are the ideal, and if possible, I urge you to pursue this route. But, if that's not possible, Lynn and I, along with a few of his other students have proven that lessons with a web cam are also possible and effective. So for many, this might be a very cost effective solution."
-William Severin Thompson


New CD of MF Rarities!
July 26, 2007

This just in...a brand new CD of never-before-heard Maynard recordings is being released by Sleepy Night Records in England. The CD, titled "Maynard Ferguson, The Lost Tapes Volume One", releases on September 10th, but Sleepy Night Records is offering a discount to all readers if they order before August 24. Sound clips are available here. Needless to say, I'll be picking this one up. Below is the cover of this new CD, and below that is the information I was sent.

                           [click to enlarge]

Ernie Garside Presents.....

Maynard Ferguson The Lost Tapes Vol. 1. Live recordings, new versions, never before issued!

This series of recordings are from the private collection of Maynard's long time Manager/Trumpeter/Friend, Ernie Garside who was responsible back in 1967 in "kick starting" Maynard's career, getting him a British band to front, a record deal, tours, and much more!

These tapes were recorded by Ernie, some live at Ernie's Jazz Club 43, some were demos and lay in an old trunk at Ernie's house since the early 1970s. Most of them were on old reel to reel tapes, some in good condition some not, with drop out and tape degradation etc, but on listening to these great tracks it was worth all the effort to clean them up as much as possible without losing site of the music and get them out on CD as they contain great performances! Not only that, a 16-page booklet with never before seen photos!

This is the first volume and it's up to the fans out there to make this a success for Ernie's benefit as he has given so much over the years with Maynard. If this CD is successful we have more amazing material for CD issues Vol 2 and 3.

Ernie has licensed them to "Sleepy Night Records" to be released in the UK on September the 10th although we have a special limited pre-order deal for the Maynard Ferguson web site, $16+p&p. Also all pre-orders that we take will go into a draw and one winner will receive a personal package from Ernie's own private collection of MF memorabilia, original programs, photos, publicity material and a bonus CD with a track that will not be released in this series of CDs.

Log on to to hear a few samples of these great recordings.

Order now!

"These recordings are part of a historical musical document and show just what a marvelous musician Maynard was and contain fabulous trumpet playing throughout!

I have some great memories of my time with this amazing musician and friend and I have written my memories down in the 16 page CD booklet about the recordings of each track

On all these CDs you will hear Maynard as you remember him, fantastic sound, amazing technique, and always swinging!"

Ernie Garside July 2007.

The One And Only Maynard Ferguson Garners Praise from Critics
July 26, 2007

Maynard's final recording, The One And Only Maynard Ferguson, has been catching the notice of critics lately. Three positive reviews have popped up in recent days:

  • "...Maynard lives! He lives on through our memories and his music, including this wonderful final recording,The One and Only Maynard Ferguson...."
  • "...trumpeter Maynard Ferguson led Big Bop Nouveau and a handful of the group’s notable alumni into a studio in Englewood, NJ, to record what is arguably his finest album in years..."
  • "...Longtime fans and those hearing him for the first time will not be disappointed with The One and Only Maynard Ferguson. It’s classic jazz for the modern day..."

The One and Only Maynard Ferguson

The album is available through our Maynard Ferguson Store.


"The Ballad Style of Maynard Ferguson" Gets Domestic Release
July 17, 2007

Today marks the domestic reissue of the legendary "Ballad Styles of Maynard Ferguson" album. Wounded Bird Records, who have reissued several Maynard albums in the past couple of years, is responsible for this one as well. You can find it at

The Ballad Style of Maynard Ferguson


The Maynard Ferguson Tribute Concert DVD Pleases Fans
June 21, 2007

Participants on the Maynard Ferguson Forum have been raving about the newly released Maynard Ferguson Tribute Concert DVD.

Following is a selection of quotes from forum members:

"Being wide screen and so clear, you can really see a lot of what's going on with everyone in the band, their facial expressions and all. Some are happy and yelling "Nice job on the solo", and others are more sad looks (and rightfully so)."

"...the sound is superior. You can hear every instrument really clear and the first shot of the video is a sweeping pan of the crowd before the show started and there I am right in the 3rd row! How cool is that!"

"Watching the raw emotion of the night from all the band members brought back a lot of that emotion for me."

"What a gem the DVD project turned out to be, it was definitely worth the wait, bravo. It was amazing to see all that talent together for one performance. Where do you begin with the accolades, as so many of you have already said Wayne Bergeron is Mr. Money, hits everything is sight with perfect pitch and a big sound. I loved Eric's rendition of Give It One and I also thought Roger was really outstanding with Watermelon Man. Walter and Carl were great on jazz trumpet as well. The bonus footage was definitely a trip down memory lane."

"The audio production is great. Live sound engineers can learn a few lessons from this product. This was not a studio production, but the quality sounds like one. Great, great sound."

"The overall product production is great. When I received "The One and Only" CD, I knew that the Tribute DVD would be of the same high quality. Right down to the liner notes and the layout of the insert, everything is top notch. And the photos, the historical chronology, etc."

"Stan Mark's tribute was fantastic. He'd been playing that tune with his bands before his retirement and it became his theme song. I'm glad he got to do it there. I know it meant a lot to him and he sounded great."

"Aside from being musically excellent, I was constantly aware of how much emotion the musicians might have been feeling, given the recent loss of their friend and mentor. It was great seeing the guys support each other throughout the concert."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the concert and the bonus material. For me, this DVD set is a tremendous tribute and will be a nice thing to have when I wax nostalgic about my MF memories."


New Maynard and Chase Tributes On The Way
June 9, 2007

Three new Maynard Ferguson tributes and a Chase tribute have been announced. Visit the Concerts page for details.

Maynard Ferguson Tribute DVD Available for Pre-Order
June 8, 2007
The Maynard Ferguson Tribute Concert DVD releases on June 12th, but you can order your copy now! Visit the Maynard Ferguson Store for more information.

DVD: Maynard Ferguson Tribute


New Maynard Ferguson Towels Now Available
June 8, 2007

The Maynard Ferguson Store is now offering a Maynard Ferguson logo towel, perfect for your instrument case, golf bag, tackle box or anywhere at home. This towel is white, measures 15" x 18"and has the MF logo printed on one corner. Visit the Maynard Ferguson Store for details.

MF Towel


New Double-CD Maynard Compilation: "The Essential Maynard Ferguson"
May 26, 2007

Sony has just released a 2 CD set (30 Tracks!) titled "The Essential Maynard Ferguson" that truly spans Maynard's career from his early straight-ahead big band work through his more commercial pop-flavored 70s work and ending with some of his recordings with Big Bop Nouveau. Details are at

The Essential Maynard Ferguson

"The One and Only Maynard Ferguson" is now on iTunes.

May 25, 2007

Maynard's final CD, which has been receiving raves from fans, is now available on iTunes.

It's HERE!!!!!
May 4, 2007

Today, which would have been Maynard's 79th birthday, is finally here. The official release date of Maynard's final studio recording, The One And Only Maynard Ferguson has arrived. Order yours now.


Photo Used on Cover of New CD Available for Purchase
May 4, 2007

As noted in the liner notes of "The One And Only Maynard Ferguson," John Barclay is the photographer of the photograph used for the cover of the album. Now, John is offering a unique opportunity to own a piece of history. John is offering two very special limited edition photographs which can be seen on his site The edition will be limited to 500 of each image. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the "Maynard Ferguson Scholarship Fund."


Music Legend Maynard Ferguson’s Final CD to Debut this Friday, May 4th
May 2, 2007

[Webmaster's Note: we are now taking pre-orders for this CD on our music merchandise page]

Contemporary Productions is pleased to announce the release of The One and Only Maynard Ferguson Legacy CD. Recorded at Bennett Studios in Englewood, NJ, following a sold out engagement in New York City at the famed Blue Note Jazz Club, this CD includes Ferguson's last recordings along with marquis alumni from decades of jazz music they shared together. The One and Only Maynard Ferguson will go on sale this Friday, May 4th and will be sold exclusively through the Maynard Ferguson website Retail cost is $20.

Ferguson, affectionately known as "The Boss,"worked with hundreds of musicians worldwide throughout his more than six decades in the business. He often enlisted the musical and composition talents of notable and famous alumni including Wayne Bergeron, Denis DiBlasio, Chip McNeill, and Steve Wiest as well as many of his Big Bop Nouveau Band members.

CD: The One and Only Maynard Ferguson
[click to enlarge]

These talented individuals are just a handful of featured musicians on The One and Only Maynard Ferguson CD. This recording contains nine tracks -- five are new takes on old favorites including "The Days of Wine and Roses" and "Besame Mucho," where fans will enjoy a dueling trumpet duet between Ferguson and Wayne Bergeron. Other tunes include three original compositions by Denis DiBlasio, and an all new composition by pianist and Ferguson's son-in-law, Christian Jacob titled "Lost Horizons" featuring the beautiful flugelhorn played by Ferguson.

"The One and Only Maynard Ferguson is quintessential of 'The Boss' and a very seductive collection full of original pieces plus Ferguson's unique take on familiar tunes," said Dr. Herb Wong, an internationally respected jazz journalist, historian, critic and concert producer. "The arrangements by Denis DiBlasio and Chip McNeill are incredible and certainly reflect that unmistakable Maynard Ferguson flair. Memories of bygone performances stand out in this legacy CD, I could hear how excited he was…Ferguson’s performance was tumultuous."

Ferguson passed away just three weeks after The One and Only Maynard Ferguson was recorded, at the age 78. What was intended to be just one of many albums recorded, this particular one has evolved into Ferguson's legacy piece. The One and Only Maynard Ferguson is sure to secure Ferguson's deserved standing as a legend in the history of American Jazz.

Maynard Ferguson Background:
Walter Maynard Ferguson, born May 4, 1928, in Montreal, started his career at age 13 when he performed as a featured soloist with the Canadian Broadcasting Company Orchestra. He opened for some of the great Big Band Leaders of the 1940s including Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie and Harry James, and then went on to play with Charlie Barnett, Jimmy Dorsey and Stan Kenton. In 1945 at age 17, Ferguson became the leader of his own Big Band. The 78 year old musical phenomenon went on to record more than 60 albums, receiving numerous honors and awards including the GRAMMY® nomination for "Gonna Fly Now" otherwise known as the theme from the movie Rocky. In 2005, Ferguson was awarded Canada’s highest civilian honor, the "Order of Canada" from the Right Honorable Governor General Adrienne Clarkson. Additionally, Ferguson has been the recipient of DownBeat Magazine’s prestigious "DownBeat"award.

"The Boss" had performed for packed houses for decades. In his final days, he and the Big Bop Nouveau Band were touring the United States, recording what we now know as The One and Only Maynard Ferguson and preparation for a fall 2006 tour in Tokyo.

Maynard Ferguson was passionate about his music, his fans and his family. An inspiration both onstage and off, Ferguson's life was full of high notes. His dedication to his craft was unparalleled and his vibrant presence on stage was legendary. Maynard Ferguson will be greatly missed.

Maynard Ferguson: 5/4/1928 – 8/23/2006


MEDIA NOTE: For media interested in interviews, Ferguson's Personal Manager Steve Schankman and Tour Manager Ed Sargent are available for phone interviews upon request. High Resolution Images and promotional copies (limited availability) can be requested as well. All media inquiries should go to Kelly McMahon, 314.721.9090 ext. 335 or via email at

Download the press release [pdf]


Only 35 "Tonality" Copies Remaining!
May 2, 2007
Will Hammond's amazing print, "Tonality," has been selling well, and only 35 remain! A percentage of the proceeds goes towards the Maynard Ferguson Institute for Jazz Studies.


Get the full details here.


Maynard CD and DVD Details
April 20, 2007

The CD:
CD: The One and Only Maynard Ferguson
[click to enlarge]

The long awaited release of The One and Only Maynard Ferguson is finally here!!! The CD will be available for sale May 4, 2007, the date that would have been the great trumpeter's 79th birthday.

The CD will cost $20 (plus shipping and handling) and will be available exclusively through the merchandise section of this website. The tracks from The One and Only Maynard Ferguson will also be available soon from major digital distributors like ITunes

Track Listing:

  1. Without A Song - Arranged by Chip McNeill
  2. Besame Mucho - Arranged By Steve Wiest
  3. Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone - Arranged by Steve Wiest
  4. Vita Bella - Composed and Arranged by Denis DiBlasio
  5. Dr. Fox Ph.D .- Composed and Arranged by Denis DiBlasio
  6. Lost Horizons - Composed and Arranged by Christian Jacob
  7. Surviving Soho - Composed and Arranged by Denis DiBlasio
  8. The Days of Wine and Roses - Arranged by Denis DiBlasio
  9. Darn that Dream - Arranged by Denis DiBlasio

The DVD:
DVD: Maynard Ferguson Tribute

[click to enlarge]

The Double DVD Tribute Package, including the Maynard Ferguson Tribute Concert held September 20, 2006 at the University of Missouri Touhill Performing Arts Center in St. Louis and over 60 minutes of Historical Bonus Footage, will be available for sale exclusively through the Maynard Ferguson Online Store on Friday, May 25, 2007. Pre-ordering will begin on Tuesday May 22, 2007. The price for this piece of music history is $49.99 (plus shipping and handling).

Please take some time to watch the trailer of this awesome show now. (windows media file)

The featured concert from St. Louis brought together more than 30 alumni artists from Maynard's sixty plus years of entertaining audiences around the world. In a manner of words, the tribute was the ultimate symphony dedicated to a man so many called "The Boss". The DVD of the concert has a running time of over 120 minutes and also includes many great photos of Maynard throughout the years

The second DVD includes more than an hour of bonus footage excerpts, many of which have never before been seen, from performances all over the world. Recorded between 1950-2006, these excerpts demonstrate Maynard's trumpet artistry and trademark exuberance as a world renowned bandleader.

A portion of the net proceeds from the DVD sales will go to the Maynard Ferguson Music Scholarship Fund at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

On behalf of all the people involved in producing this project, we hope you enjoy this tribute to a great trumpeter and legend, THE ONE AND ONLY, Maynard Ferguson.

New Maynard Ferguson Tee Shirt Now Available
April 18, 2007
A new Maynard Tee Shirt is now available in the clothing section of our Merchandise pages. It's army green and features a large black MF logo and the words "Maynard Ferguson".

New Maynard Tee Shirt

Alumni Update: Stockton Helbing (Drums)
April 10, 2007
Maynard's last drummer (and musical director...and producer of MF's upcoming final studio album) was fan favorite Stockton Helbing. Today Stockton is releasing his second solo CD, titled For Nothing Is Secret. This album is of interest to Maynard fans not only for Stockton's playing, but also for some of his sidemen that we know: Chip McNeill - saxophones; Steve Wiest - trombone; Brian Mulholland - Bass; Ken Edwards - Trumpet. This album is being released on the Armored Records label, which says of this album: "For Nothing Is Secret demonstrates Helbing's merging of melodies with lots of hook, a la pop/rock, while interspersing improvizational opportunities." This album is available on Stockton's web site, or on iTunes. I've been listening to this album for the past several days and it's a high energy, fun CD.

Stockton Helbing - For Nothing is Secret


Footage from the Utah MF Tribute Now Online
April 10, 2007
Eric Schulzke at Musiqbase has alerted me to several very high-quality videos of the Maynard Ferguson Tribute Concert at BYU on their web site. You can see them on the Musiqbase web site. The videos include heavy hitters such as Roger Ingram, Bobby Shew, Eric Miyashiro, Denis Diblasio, and more. Great stuff for those of you (like me) that couldn't be there. Eric says, "Keep in mind that this was a rough, two-camera shoot with one of them on a faulty tripod, so it's not going to be perfect. But it does convey the fun and camaraderie of the concert very well, I think, giving you a sense of having been there."


Maynard's Stratospheric Career - Style
April 7, 2007
Maynard fan Steve Frazier has assembled a chronological list of all of the Maynard albums currently available on Amazon. He put together a list of FORTY CDs. Very impressive.


MF Newsletters On Sale
March 30, 2007
While supplies last, you can save $5 when you order issues 37-42 of the Maynard Ferguson Fan Club Newsletter as a six-pack. More details can be found on our Maynard Ferguson Accessories page.


Maynard's Daughter Still Collecting Stories
March 30, 2007
Back in December, Maynard's daughter Wilder asked fans to send her stories of how Maynard and his music touched their lives. She has received some wonderful stories and now wishes that she had asked for photos to go with them. If you already gave your story but could also provide a photo, get in touch with Wilder. If you haven't told your story, but have a good one (even if you don't have a photo), please do so.

Alumni Update: Rick Petrone (Bass)
March 23, 2007
Rick Petrone was a fan favorite in Maynard's band (he was on the Live at Jimmy's album, after all), and he's still very active musically. He's on a brand new CD by the late Steve Marcus (tenor and soprano), who was once with Buddy Rich. The album also features Bill Bickford on guitar, and former Sonny Rollins drummer Joe Corsello. Look for Rick on another CD in June with Carmen Leggio (former sax player with Krupa and Goodman) called "Out in the Field".


Alumni-Studded MF Tribute At Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in May 2007
March 11, 2007
A two-day musical event dedicated to the life and music of Maynard Ferguson will occur on May 2 and 3 in the Louis C. Cole Memorial Auditorium on the campus of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Musicians schedule to appear include Roger Ingram, Serafin Aguilar, Walter White, Joey Pero, Michael Manthey, Tom Garling, Reggie Watkins, Randy Purcell, Mike Dubaniewicz, Julio Montarrey, Chip McNeill, Jeff Lashway, David Throckmorton, Mike Freeland, Ed Sargent, and MORE!! Details can be found at the event's web site.


MF Horn 3, 4, & 5 Now Available Domestically!
March 1, 2007
Wounded Bird Records has reissued two highly sought-after albums on CD: MF Horn 3 and MF Horn 4&5 (Live at Jimmy's). This is the first time that these albums have been available on CD in the United States. Both are available from Oracles Music Network wrote a nice review of the MF Horn 4&5 reissue.

MF Horn 3  MF Horn 4 & 5

Update on Ebay Auction of Maynard's Car
March 11, 2007
The Ebay auction of Maynard's car was ended early because the seller's account was hacked. However, it has been relisted as a 7 day auction. Needs Our Help!
March 11, 2007
If you enjoy as much as I do, please sign this online petition to stop the increase of royalty rates that will severely impact small stations like Jazz Player Radio.

Maynard's Car is on Ebay
March 1, 2007
Maynard's Cadillac is currently up for bid on Ebay. It's a white 1994 Cadillac Sedan DeVille. His family has written a nice description and included several pictures on the Ebay listing.

Maynard's Car

Former MF Pianist Jiyoung Lee Releases Debut CD
March 1, 2007
Fan favorite pianist Jiyoung Lee toured with Maynard in 2005 and 2006, generating lots of positive emails to this website as well as buzz on the MF Forum. Jiyoung has just released her first CD, titled "Confession". All 10 compositions on the album are originals. You can find the album at

Trumpeter Dan McMillion to Perform Maynard Tribute on March 4
March 1, 2007
The Dan McMillion Jazz Orchestra will be performing a tribute to Maynard on Sunday, March 4 in Marco Island, Florida. Proceeds from the concert will benefit the Marco Island Branch of the Collier County Library's Rose Hall Building Fund. Details of the event can be seen at the Marco Island Sun Times.

Final Edition of the Maynard Ferguson Fan Club Newsletter Now Available
February 24, 2007
The Maynard Ferguson Fan Club has put together Volume 42, the final edition of the Maynard Ferguson Fan Club Newsletter. The final edition is an 11 page commemorative look at the wonderful life and career of Maynard Ferguson. It features 4 pages of color photos, as well as thoughts from former band members and (of course) extended thoughts from former tour manager and trusted friend Ed Sargent. Throughout the newsletter is a timeline of some of the more noteworthy events of Maynard's life and career. For those of you who have let your subscriptions lapse, this edition and the four previous editions are now available for sale in the Maynard Ferguson Accessories portion of this website.

All Long-Sleeved Maynard Apparel On Sale!
February 24, 2007
For a limited time, all long-sleeved Maynard Ferguson apparel in the Merchandise section is 20% off. Fight the cold with some Maynard sweatshirts, mock turtlenecks, and Oxfords! Also available for a limited time, Maynard Ferguson Sweatshirt 2-packs, which allow you to save big on sweatshirt purchases.

Maynard Ferguson Tribute Planned For Blues Alley
February 17, 2007
Trumpeter Vaughn Nark, the Alan Baylock Orchestra, and some special guests will perform a tribute for Maynard Ferguson at Blues Alley on April 3rd. Guests are still being finalized. The trumpet section for this event will be Brian MacDonald, Nick Cooper, Rich Sigler, and Tim Leahey. Other trumpeters will be there for features. Brian McDonald, Joe Mosello, Don Junker are also confirmed as guest artists. More news will be posted as I receive it...

Custom Maynard Ferguson Tribute Print Sales Benefit Maynard Ferguson Institute for Jazz Studies
February 13, 2007
Maynard Ferguson fan and imaging wizard Will Hammond is offering prints of his original Maynard Ferguson tribute image for sale with ALL proceeds benefiting the Maynard Ferguson Institute for Jazz Studies.


Get the full details here.

"On a High Note: Best of the Concord Jazz Recordings" CD Now Available
February 13, 2007
Concord's new Maynard compilation, "On a High Note: Best of the Concord Jazz Recordings" is now available!

On A High Note: Best of the Concord Jazz Recordings

This album features 10 tracks from Maynard's excellent Concord years (the late 1990s and early 2000s) including some of my personal favorites, You Got It and Manteca.

More Details Emerge About Maynard's Final Album
January 24, 2007
Maynard's longtime friend and tour manager, Ed Sargent, reports:

Greetings to all. I have the pleasure of sharing details I assume you will find as exciting to hear as I find in giving. The last recording by the Boss and company titled The One and Only Maynard Ferguson CD is now in its final stages as it has been mixed and mastered by Phil Bulla and replication is around the corner. The answer to the Million dollar question of when will this be available to you is- VERY SOON!!! Please check the MF site for updates.

Here is the track listing:

  1. Without a Song…. Arranger Chip McNeill
  2. Besame Mucho …. Arranger, Steve Wiest
  3. Aint No Sunshine When She's Gone… Arranger Steve Wiest
  4. Vita Bella… Composer, Denis DiBlasio
  5. Dr Fox P.H.D…. Composer Denis DiBlasio
  6. Lost Horizon… Composer Christian Jacob
  7. Surviving Soho … Composer Denis DiBlasio
  8. The Days of Wine and Roses… Arranger Denis DiBlasio
  9. Darn That Dream… Arranger, Denis DiBlasio

I will have more details as we get closer to the release date regarding the entire Tribute DVD project, including information on bonus footage that is going to be included, but please know and trust this project is progressing nicely. I have spent many hours in the audio and video studio with Contemporary Productions' producer Gus Whitelaw reviewing all camera positions and potential footage. Although this task has been bittersweet and emotionally draining, the evening's reverence and mutual respect for our friend, mentor and most of all favorite trumpet player is unmistakably apparent.

This is not a project that could or should be turned around on a dime and for those who know Steve and his operation know his commitment to producing the very best is paramount. We recorded on Sept 20th and will have released in 8 months. This project demanded this amount of time and I feel when you watch and listen to it, you will know exactly why. As we proceed to finalize the content I will be delighted to provide more information.

Live at Jimmy's MF Fan Club Newsletters

Nevada Jazz Orchestra Playing Maynard Tribute on 1/21
January 20, 2007
If you are in the Las Vegas area, you will want to check out the Nevada Jazz Orchestra's "Remembering Maynard" concert tomorrow (Sunday, January 21st). Details can be found here, and you can read about the concert in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Wayne Bergeron's New CD (featuring MF) Gets Good Review
January 7, 2007
The Orlando Sentinel has just reviewed former MF trumpeter Wayne Bergeron's second CD, and has nothing but good things to say about it. The article specifically calls out the Wayne/MF duet track as a highlight. Read the full article here, and order the CD here.

Even More Great CDs Available for Pre-Order
January 3, 2007
The great music just keeps coming in the form of more Maynard re-issues as well as new releases by MF friends and alumni. The much beloved MF Horn albums are being released domestically by Wounded Bird Records next month. MF Horn 2, 3, and the infamous 4&5 (Live at Jimmy's) will be released on CD on February 27.

Two other albums that many MF fans will be interested in:

Two "New" Maynard Compilations Available for Pre-Order
January 1, 2007
Maynard's passing has raised the public's awareness of Maynard's music. We're starting to see the re-issues coming.

To my knowledge, neither of these releases contains anything we haven't seen on CD before, but if you're a collector like me, you'll want both.

"Caruso" Performed as a Tribute to Maynard
January 1, 2007
Werner Krausler is an Austrian trumpet player who is also an MF fanatic. In fact, his website boasts that he may have the largest MF CD collection of anyone. He recently performed Caruso at a recent show as a tribute to MF. I received the following email from him:

" tribute to the master of stratosphere I did on 7th of December 2006 at Kunsthaus Weiz in Austria (Europe):

I announced, explained and played my favourite tune: Caruso of the CD 'Brass Attitude' live for an ethusiastic audience here in Styria with my great pianist Peter Winkler as a tribute to my boss Maynard Ferguson!"

Werner included an mp3 of the performance as well as a photo. I found it to be a touching tribute. MF's rendition of "Caruso" can be found on the Brass Attitude album.

MP3: Caruso.mp3 (7 Meg)

New "Tribute Concert" Tees Available
January 1, 2007
Happy New Year, Maynard fans! We have a few "generic" Tribute Concert tee-shirts available in the MF Store. They say "Maynard Ferguson 1928-2006" and they also say "Tribute Concert" on them. Available in S, L, XL and 2XL in limited quantities.

Maynard Plus The Holidays
December 22, 2006
Happy holidays, everyone! To tide us over until the CD and DVD we are expecting in early 2007, we can be thankful that Maynard recorded a great Christmas Medley with Big Bop Nouveau on the Concord Jazz Christmas, Volume 2 album.
Concord Jazz Christmas, Volume 2

Rare Promotion Maynard Photos Now Available
December 10, 2006
New to the Merchandise section of this web site: Promotional photos from Maynard's home. Photos from the 1960s through the late 1980s can now be found in the "Accessories" portion of the Merchandise area.

Several New Maynard Collectibles Now Available
December 6, 2006
Maynard's family has always appreciated the fans around the world that loved the music of Maynard Ferguson. They, in partnership with Maynard Ferguson Music, have made available several vintage Maynard Ferguson collectibles from Maynard's own home in Ojai, California. Visit the merchandise pages to see new buttons, hats, stickers from the 1970s, and even cassette tapes still in the original shrink wrap!

Share Your Maynard Story With Maynard's Daughter
December 6, 2006
Did Maynard and his music have a positive effect on your life? Maynard's daughter Wilder would love to hear about it.

MF tribute in Lindsborg, Kansas at Bethany College on December 5
November 27, 2006
The Bethany Jazz Ensemble will be performing a few Maynard Ferguson tunes at their December 5th concert. Details here.

More Details about the December 6th Philly Tribute Emerge
November 27, 2006
The list of alumni performing has grown to the following:
Roger Ingram, Walter White, Dennis Noday, Reggie Watkins, Rick Matt,
Chris Jensen, and Phil Palombi.
For information on the John Hoey Orchestra please look at For information on the tribute concert venue look at, or call 610-891-0100.

Limited "Grab Bags" of MF Merchandise now Available
November 23, 2006
Happy Thanksgiving! Now that we have officially entered the Christmas shopping season, Maynard Ferguson Music and have put together several limited "Grab Bags" full of great Maynard Ferguson merchandise at discounted prices. Some items have not been available before, including bowling shirts just like the shirts that the MF alumni wore at the Maynard Ferguson tribute concert in St. Louis in September. Quantities are very limited on some of the packages.

Maynard Ferguson Tribute in Philly on December 6
November 23, 2006
I recently received the following information about a Maynard tribute concert on December 6th:

Philadelphia's official Maynard Ferguson Tribute Concert will take place on December 6th at the Media Theatre in Media, PA. The concert will feature MF alumni Roger Ingram, Dennis Noday, Walter White, with more to be added later.

The proceeds of the concert will be donated to the Maynard Ferguson Institute of Jazz Studies at Rowan University in New Jersey.

The core band for this event will be the John Hoey Orchestra. John Hoey is a long time friend of Maynard Ferguson and Ed Sargent.

For information on the John Hoey Orchestra please look at For information on the tribute concert venue look at, or call 610-891-0100.

Maynard Ferguson Tribute in Philadelphia on Oct. 25
October 22, 2006
According to a recent press release, The Jump City Jazz Orchestra will be performing a Maynard Ferguson tribute on Wednesday, October 25th at Chris Jazz Cafe in Philadelpha, PA.

Maynard Tribute Planned at the College of Lake County on Oct 29
October 22, 2006
The College of Lake County in Grayslake, Illinois, is holding a Maynard Tribute on Sunday, October 29th. Featured alumni include Tom Garling, Nick Drozdoff, and Mark Colby. Details can be found on their web site.

Large Maynard Tribute Planned for February 2007 at BYU in Provo, UT
October 22, 2006
We're still several months out from this Maynard tribute, but the line-up so far is impressive. Bobby Shew, Roger Ingram, Eric Miyashiro, Peter Erskine, and more! Their web site is forthcoming, but in the meantime, take a look at their poster.
BYU Maynard Tribute

Maynard Memorialized in Down Beat Magazine
October 21, 2006
The latest issue of Down Beat magazine contains a nice four-page article chronicling Maynard's life and career. Stan Mark and Wayne Bergeron are quoted, among others.

Clips of Lisa Ferguson's MF Film Surface
October 16, 2006
It has been widely publicized on this site that Maynard's daughter, Lisa, is making a documentary film about Maynard's life. In recent days, two teasers have appeared on YouTube with some very intimate footage of Maynard at home.
Teaser 1
Teaser 2 to Feature Tom Garling
October 16, 2006
According to this article from, has begun featuring the work of former MF trombonist Tom Garling. You can see him here on TrombonesOnline.

Maynard Tribute in Denver on Tuesday, October 17
October 16, 2006
The Denver Post is reporting that John Akal's Ultraphonic Jazz Orchestra will be performing a tribute to Maynard at the Lone Tree. Details at the Denver Post.

St. Louis Concert Programs Now Available
October 10, 2006
Programs from the Maynard Ferguson Tribute Concert held in St. Louis are now available in the Maynard Ferguson Store.

Steve Wiest's MySpace Profile
October 9, 2006
Former Maynard Ferguson trombonist and fan favorite Steve Wiest now has a MySpace profile to promote his new album.

Maynard Photo Sales Support the Maynard Ferguson Music Scholarship
October 8, 2006
Just a reminder that Barclay Photo is selling these beautiful Maynard Ferguson photos at a reduced cost, and a portion of each sale goes towards the Maynard Ferguson Music Scholarship at the University of Missouri - St. Louis. Take a look.

Maynard's daughter has a web site
October 7, 2006
Maynard's youngest daughter, Wilder, is married to former Big Bop Nouveau pianist Christian Jacob. Wilder's company, Wilderjazz, has a website promotion some of Christian's music. You can visit it at

Nice review of the St. Louis Tribute Concert
October 7, 2006
Here is a wonderful review of the Maynard Ferguson Tribute Concert on a blog called "The Musings of Kev."

Commemorative MF Merchandise Available
September 24, 2006
The tribute concert was an unbelievable experience. A truly first-rate send off and celebration of Maynard's life and legacy. It was also a trumpet player's dream. The entire concert was professionally recorded for a future DVD release. As soon as I hear details on a potential release date, I will spread the word. Several fans have posted their thoughts on the concert in the forum.

New commemorative merchandise was made available at the concert, and some of that merchandise is now available on this web site. Specifically, you can now find commemorative Maynard Ferguson Tee-Shirts as well as commemorative Maynard Ferguson picture frames/clocks.

Additional Tribute Concert Details
September 14, 2006
Several commemorative items will be available for purchase at next week's tribute concert. Cash and checks will be accepted, but the staff will be unable to take credit card payments.

Additional Tribute Concert Details
September 13, 2006
New additions to the line-up of the tribute concert: Kris Jensen, saxophone player

Additional Tribute Concert Details
September 12, 2006
Tickets to next week's Maynard Ferguson Tribute Concert are going of today there are less than 300 tickets remaining. Order Now!

Just added to the line-up of the tribute concert: Phil Grey, a trombonist who recorded on the Carnival and Hot albums.

Additional Tribute Concert Details
September 11, 2006
Just added to the line-up of the tribute concert: Trumpeters Walter White and Lew Soloff.

MF Horn 3, 4 & 5 Coming to CD!
September 10, 2006
Dutton Vocalion, the company behind this year's MF Horn 2/Ballad Styles of Maynard Ferguson re-issue, have just announced that MF Horn 3 and MF Horn 4 & 5 (Live at Jimmy's) are going to be released on CD this month. Visit their website for details.
[press release]

Additional Tribute Concert Details
September 9, 2006
Just added to the line-up of the tribute concert: Italian Trumpeter Andrea Tofanelli.

Additional Tribute Concert Details
September 5, 2006
We have an exciting update concerning a special guest artist that will be playing at the tribute show:

Diane Schuur has confirmed she will be attending and performing with the band for the tribute show. She will perform a few tunes from the "Swinging for Schuur" album.

Maynard Ferguson Tribute Concert on Sept. 20
August 31, 2006
Additional details have surfaced about the Maynard Ferguson Tribute Concert on September 20th.

A message from Ed Sargent (Maynard Ferguson tour manager):

The Venue:

The lobby of the Touhill will open 2 hours before the event is set to begin for everyone to gather and visit if they wish. After the event, the lobby will remain open until midnight to also accommodate the wishes of the fans. There will be a cash bar available.

The Alumni:

We have assembled a Core Band with some additional guest players and former Musical Directors to represent a variety of different eras.

It is our plan to present a "Tribute in Music" to our friend, Boss, Father, and Band Leader.

It will be impossible to include every alumni that comes to the event musically but we would like to recognize them all by way of an Alumni Pass. I request to have all alumni attending the event contact me (Ed) via email. Please email Ed at In this email please include the year/years you were in the band and also if you expect to be bringing a spouse or significant other.

This does not circumvent ticket purchase as the proceeds go into the Maynard Ferguson Schlorship fund at the Univ. of Missouri at St Louis.








St. Louis to Host Maynard Ferguson Tribute Concert

TICKETS ON SALE TODAY at 10am to Honor the Jazz Legend at a Special Performance on September 20th.

ST. LOUIS (August 29, 2006) - The Maynard Ferguson Family, in association with Steve Schankman and Contemporary Productions, will present a tribute to Maynard Ferguson on Wednesday, September 20, 2006 at the Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center on the campus of University of Missouri - St. Louis. The concert will be dedicated to the life and music of legendary musician and band leader, known as "The Boss," who passed away on Wednesday, August 23, 2006 at the age of 78. Artists performing at this special concert will include the current Big Bop Nouveau Band and some of the many lead trumpeters and soloists from Maynard Ferguson's alumni. Those who have confirmed attendance include Wayne Bergeron, Denis DiBlasio, Mike Dubaniewicz, Carl Fischer, Chip McNeill, Peter Olstad, Reggie Watkins, Steve Wiest and many more to come. To find out new additions to the show, please continue to check for complete updates.

WHEN: Wednesday, September 20th ONE NIGHT ONLY! 7:30 pm

WHERE: The Touhill Performing Arts Center
One University Boulevard (on the campus on University of Missouri-St. Louis)

TICKETS: Tickets are priced at $50, $40, and $25
All net proceeds to benefit The Maynard Ferguson Music Scholarship at the University of Missouri - St. Louis

For more information or to purchase tickets:

  • Call the Touhill at 314.516.4949 or toll free at 866.516.4949
  • Online at
  • Tickets may be purchased at the Touhill Box Office, Monday-Friday 10:00am - 6:00pm. The Box Office is located at the Touhill at One University Blvd.

Maynard Ferguson, born May 4, 1928 in Montreal, started his career at the age of 13 when he performed as a featured soloist with the Canadian Broadcasting Company Orchestra. He played with some of the great Big Band Leaders of the 1940's including Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Barnett, Jimmy Dorsey and Stan Kenton. In 1945, at age 17, Ferguson became the leader of his own Big Band. He went on to record more than 60 albums, receiving numerous honors and awards including the GRAMMY® nomination for "Gonna Fly Now" In 2005, Ferguson was awarded Canada's highest civilian honor, the "Order of Canada" from the Right Honorable Governor General Adrienne Clarkson. In addition to those accolades, Ferguson has been the recipient of DownBeat Magazine's prestigious "DownBeat" Award.

Mr. Ferguson had recently returned home to California from New York after several sold out performances in July at the famed Blue Note Club. During this time, Ferguson and his Big Bop Nouveau band also recorded a new album at Bennett Studios in Englewood, New Jersey. This, his latest and last recording, will be released later this year as a legacy to the life of Maynard Ferguson.

To schedule an interview, for more information about the tribute concert or Maynard Ferguson, please contact Cindy Tangaro at (314) 721-9090 ext. 203 or via email at

The Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center
The Touhill Performing Arts Center is located on the north campus of University of Missouri-St. Louis on Natural Bridge Road, just 10 minutes from Clayton. From I-170, exit at Natural Bridge Road (exit 6); from I-70, exit at Florissant Road (exit 240). There is plenty of complimentary parking and a Metrolink Station just steps away from the Touhill front door.

Now in its fourth season of presenting the finest in the performing arts to the St. Louis region, the Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center opened its doors in September 2003. The $52 million facility designed by Pei Cobb Freed and Partners, features the 1,625-seat Anheuser-Busch Performance Hall and the 350-seat E. Desmond and Mary Ann Lee Theater. The not-for-profit Center is the jewel of the University of Missouri-St. Louis campus and is the first impetus and focal point for creating an arts district for students at the University.

Maynard Ferguson Tribute Concert on Sept. 20
August 25, 2006
The Maynard Ferguson Tribute Concert has been set for September 20, 2006 in St. Louis.

Maynard Ferguson Tribute Concert
September 20, 2006
Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center
(on the campus of University of Missouri – St. Louis)
8001 Natural Bridge Road
St. Louis, Missouri 63121

Details regarding line-up, ticket prices, etc. will be forthcoming. Stay tuned to the website for further information.

Donate to the Maynard Ferguson Scholarship Fund
August 25, 2006
In lieu of flowers, please donate to the Maynard Ferguson Scholarship Fund at the University of Missouri - St. Louis. You can do so two ways:

Via check or money order to:
"Maynard Ferguson Music Scholarship"
University of Missouri – St. Louis
C/O Dr. Dixie Kohn
8001 Natural Bridge Road
407 Woods Hall
St. Louis, MO. 63121

Or online. Just follow this link and click on "Make a Gift". Then, choose "Maynard Ferguson Scholarship" in the Gift Designation drop-down menu.

Maynard Ferguson May 4, 1928 - August 23, 2006
August 24, 2006
Maynard Ferguson passed away yesterday, at the age of 78. Here is the statement released by Maynard's management.

Grammy Nominated Trumpeter Known for "Gonna Fly Now"
Theme To Movie "ROCKY" was 78

Ojai, CA (August 24, 2006) - Walter "Maynard" Ferguson, one of the most influential musicians and band leaders in the history of Jazz, passed away August 23rd at 8:00 pm Pacific Time at Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura, California. He was 78 years old. His death was the result of kidney and liver failure brought on by an abdominal infection. Mr. Ferguson's four daughters, Kim, Lisa, Corby, Wilder and other family members were at his side when he passed away after this brief illness. He spoke by phone with his friend and manager Steve Schankman from St. Louis, longtime tour manager Ed Sargent, and friend, and fellow trumpeter Arturo Sandoval.

Mr. Ferguson had recently returned home to California from New York after several sold out performances in July at the famed Blue Note Club. During this time, Ferguson and his Big Bop Nouveau band also recorded a new album at Bennett Studios in Englewood, New Jersey.

Maynard Ferguson, born May 4th 1928 in Montreal, started his career at the age of 13 when he performed as a featured soloist with the Canadian Broadcasting Company Orchestra. He played with some of the great Big Band Leaders of the 1940's including Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Barnett, Jimmy Dorsey and Stan Kenton. In 1945, at age 17, Ferguson became the leader of his own Big Band. The 78-year old musical phenomenon went on to record more than 60 albums, receiving numerous honors and awards including the GRAMMY® nomination for "Gonna Fly Now." In 2005, Ferguson was awarded Canada's highest civilian honor, the "Order of Canada" from the Right Honorable Governor General Adrienne Clarkson. In addition to those accolades, Ferguson has been the recipient of DownBeat Magazine's prestigious "DownBeat" Award.

"The Boss," as Ferguson is known, has been performing for packed houses for decades. His recent DVD release, "Live at The Top," captures one of his most memorable performances, a concert held at the Plaza Hotel in Rochester New York in 1975, with Ferguson performing alongside fellow music pioneers Stan Mark, Ernie Garside and Bruce Johnston. Most recently, Ferguson and Big Bop Nouveau Band had been touring the United States. He was preparing for a Fall Tour beginning mid-September in Tokyo, Japan. He had also been invited to play for the King of Thailand's 80th birthday in January.

Mr. Ferguson's body will be cremated in his hometown of Ojai, California. Memorial contributions can be made to the Maynard Ferguson Music Scholarship Fund at University of Missouri - St. Louis, which was established by Steve Schankman at Maynard's 75th birthday celebration. Mr. Schankman and the Ferguson family are planning a memorial concert to take place in St. Louis which will feature many of the band's alumni and friends who Mr. Ferguson performed with during his more than 60-year musical career.

Mr. Ferguson's latest, and last, recording will be released later this year as a legacy to the life of Maynard Ferguson.

Steven F. Schankman will be available for interview August 24th. Please contact Cindy Tangaro at (314) 721-9090 ext. 203 to book a time.

For more information or to request images of Maynard Ferguson, please contact the same number or email

[download the entire release] (pdf)

Maynard Merchandise Now Available!
August 19, 2006
The long-anticipated Store is now open for business! Visit our merchandise section to find t-shirts, sweatshirts, the new MF Horn VI CD, the Live from Seattle DVD, shot glasses, and more!

Maynard Records New Album with BBN and Alumni
August 19, 2006
In late July, Maynard and Big Bop Nouveau recorded 11 tracks for an upcoming studio album at Bennett Studios. MF Music, Inc. is hoping for a late 2006 release date.

Big Bop Nouveau trumpeter Serafin Aguilar posted these comments on the MF Forum about the session:
"Not much to say about the recording other than it was truly inspiring to play with such wonderful musicians. Boss played his tukus off and had some very beautiful musical moments (look for a certain harmon mute solo). The alumni that filled out the band were and are all stellar players and it was an honor for me to share the stage with them and be in the studio with them. I can't stress the latter enough. In particular I was completely blown away by Chip[McNeil]'s fire. He plays with such fire and conviction that it was contagious. As for Wayne [Bergeron], well what can I say? He came into the studio and was absolute nails. Impeccable time, style, intonation, and yes, solo chops. Dennis [Diblasio] and Steve Weist are both great talents with lots of charisma (Denny was a riot on stage at the Blue Note). And you all will be pleased to hear some new arrangements of which Steve wrote a few knock outs. All in all, I am very proud to be a part of this musical endevour. I hope you guys enjoy it."

Maynard Ferguson band alumni Steve Wiest had this to say:
"What a treat! Serafin gave you all the basic details, so all I have to add is that it was an absolute joy to work with this great collection of artists. We all love Boss and I think he could tell he was surrounded by friends and family. He came through and played some really beautiful stuff. In short, I think this will be considered one of his best recordings. For all of you trumpet guys on the board, you will be in heaven when you hear this section. Wayne, Patrick [Hession], Serafin, and Ken [Edwards] did a masterful job and were swingin' every step of the way. Wayne especially tore up my chart on Besame Mucho. Wow! What a great musician. Stockton [Helbing] did a great job as producer/drummer and my pal Phil Bulla was the ultimate engineer and will no doubt put together his signature perfect mix on the whole thing."
See some great photos of the session here.

More Vintage Maynard On CD
June 1, 2006 is currently listing three new re-issues that feature Maynard. They are Pete Rugolo - ADVENTURES IN JAZZ: COMPLETE COLUMBIA RECORDINGS 1954-1955, Pete Rugolo - ADVENTURES IN SOUND, and GEORGIE AULD AND HIS HOLLYWOOD ALL STARS - PLAY THE SWINGING ARRANGEMENTS OF BILLY MAY. Thanks to the Maynard Ferguson Forum for breaking this news.

Press Release for new Ballad Style of Maynard Ferguson and MF Horn II re-issue
June 1, 2006
British record company Vocalion has sent me their press release announcing their re-issue of two of Maynard's most sought-after recordings from the late 1960s and early 1970s, "The Ballad Style of Maynard Ferguson" and "MF Horn II". Read the press release here, in pdf format.

New Exclusive Maynard Ferguson Pictures
May 27, 2006
MF Fan and friend Skip Spiro sent in some Maynard Ferguson pictures from his personal collection. They were taken in 1962. Says Skip, "I just found these old photos (circa 1962) from a show with my 12 piece band I formed while in Jr. High. Maynard brought along his rhythm section at the time (Mike Abene, Linc Milliman, and Rufus Jones). I'd love to share these with the guys on the forum and the website."
[see more pictures from this set]

5-Year-Old Trumpet Prodigy Loves Maynard
May 16, 2006
5-Year-Old trumpet prodigy Geoffrey Gallante loves Maynard, and mentions him in this clip from NBC. Here are a couple of pictures.

Ballad Style of MF and MF Horn II on CD
May 12, 2006
A British company has just re-issued the Ballad Style of Maynard Ferguson and MF Horn II on one single CD. If you've never heard Maynard's take on "Born Free", you don't know what you're missing.

MF Horn VI is a Best Seller
May 12, 2006
Maynard's new live album, MF Horn VI: Live at Ronnie's, is a best seller this week at

"Ferguson Fan Rides Site Up The Register"
May 12, 2006
The webmaster, Matt Keller, was recently featured in an article on the American Chronicle web site.

Maynard in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
May 12, 2006
Maynard fan David Luepke has written up a great review of a recent Maynard show. With pictures!

The Boss has a Birthday
May 4, 2006
Maynard turns 78 today! Happy birthday, Maynard!

Alumni Update
April 13, 2006
Former MF trombonist Reggie Watkins has a new web site.

Maynard's new album, MF Horn VI, is here!
April 6, 2006
Maynard's new live album is now available in the merchandise section!

The Maynard Ferguson Tribute Page has moved to!
April 6, 2006
The Maynard Ferguson Tribute Page, formerly at, has officially moved into it's new home at Stay tuned for updates and additional merchandise!

January 28, 2006
In a recent interview with Jazz Player Radio, Maynard's tour manager, Ed Sargent, announced that Maynard's next album will be a live album recorded in London and entitled "MF Horn 6"! This album will be available in mid-February and will be initially available only on this web site and at concerts. More details as they arrive...

December 27, 2005
Maynard's lead trumpeter, Patrick Hession [bio], isn't just sitting around during Big Bop Nouveau's December break. He's playing with classic rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd on December 30th in Michigan! Details of the show are here.

Former MF trumpeter (and fan favorite) Carl Fischer has just been hired by none other than Billy Joel to perform with him on his upcoming tour. Carl will be playing trumpet and superbone.

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November 27, 2005
Do you love MF and have some artistic ability? I'm looking for someone to design a few MF wallpapers that will be made available as free downloads from this site. Contact me at matt @ (no spaces) if you're interested.

Here are some updated bios of MF's current personnel:

Maynard Ferguson - trumpet; leader. (you all know his bio information)

Patrick Hession - Trumpet
Patrick Edward John Hession was born on April 29, 1968, in Lafayette, Indiana and began playing trumpet at age twelve. Patrick enrolled at Ball State University in 1986, where he studied with trumpeters Paul Everett, Larry McWilliams and Jeff Anderson. In 1991, he won Outstanding Lead Trumpet at the Elmhurst College Jazz Festival with the Ball State University Jazz Ensemble I. Hession joined the Lionel Hampton Big Band as the third trumpeter in 1992, where he apprenticed the lead trumpet book with Tony Barrero. Hession then played lead and solo trumpet for Lionel Hampton on various tours over the next four years. In 1992, Hession accepted a full music scholarship to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he studied with trumpeters Michael "Rocky" Winslow, Tom Porrello, Bobby Shew, Stan Mark, Walt Blanton and William C. "Billy" Hodges. Patrick also studied with Keith Whitford, Bob Schlatter and Martha Ream.

In 1996, Hession joined The World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra, where he was the lead and feature trumpeter for almost three years. Hession then realized his dream in 2000, when he joined Maynard Ferguson's Big Bop Nouveau Band, where he has been the lead trumpeter for over the past five years. As well as being an active sideman, Hession has played with Marty Allen & Steve Rossi, Paul Anka, Little Anthony & The Imperials, Susan Anton, The Association, Randy Brecker, Ray Brown, Conte Candoli, Charo, Pete Christlieb, Denis DiBlasio, Vince DiMartino, The Temptations Review Featuring Dennis Edwards, Michael Feinstein, Carl Fontana, The Four Freshmen, The Four Tops, Heart, Steve Houghton, Jerry Lewis, Frank Mantooth, Rich Matteson, Rob McConnell, Don Menza & The Don Menza Big Band, The Mills Brothers, Bob Mintzer, The OJ's, Diane Reeves, Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, Rufus Reid, Mavis Rivers, Lalo Rodrigues, Ed Shaughnessy, Diane Schuur, Bobby Shew, Marvin Stamm, Dave Steinmeyer, Spyder Turner, Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, Ben Vereen, Joe Williams, Phil Woods Quintet, Snooky Young, the International Symphony Orchestra, recorded with Diane Schuur & Maynard Ferguson, "Swingin' for Schuur", 2001, Reggie Watkins, "A-List", 2004 and Kenneth Robinson's debut classical CD,"Festive Masterpieces for Trumpet and Organ", where Patrick played 2nd piccolo trumpet in A and 4th, 5th and 6th trumpet in G. He has authored a book in 2003, "For the sake of lead trumpet playing - HESSIONS SESSIONS Guide to consistent, reliable and sometimes, Invincible Chops!" Also in 2003, Patrick subbed on 3rd trumpet for "The Producers". In 2005, Patrick played lead trumpet for "The Rat Pack Returns in The Tribute to Frank, Joey & Dean". Hession plays Monette Trumpets and Mouthpieces exclusively and is a clinician for the David G. Monette Corporation.

Peter Ferguson - Trumpet
Peter Ferguson grew up in upstate New York performing with many different groups including Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus. Peter was also the musical director for the Great Escape Amusement Park Circus in Lake George, NY. Peter then went on to study with Lou Soloff at the State University of New York at Purchase. After college, Peter joined Carnival Cruise Lines, performing and conducting in their show bands onboard over ten different Carnival vessels. Peter went on to become a Musical Supervisor and band leader for Carnival Cruise Lines, and worked with them for eight years. Peter moved to Las Vegas in 1996 where he has performed in all the major venues, and with many headliners as well as local acts. In 1999, Peter joined Maynard Ferguson and Big Bop Nouveau, touring and recording for three years before returning to Las Vegas. Peter can be heard on the Concord release "Swingin For Schuur", featuring Diane Schurr, Maynard Ferguson, and Big Bop Nouveau. In 2005, Peter returned to Maynard Ferguson and Big Bop Nouveau, with which he is currently touring.

Jamie Hovorka - Trumpet
Jamie completed his Masters in Jazz Studies this spring from the University of North Texas, and was lead trumpet in the One O'Clock Lab Band from 2004-2005. Jamie has traveled the world with various jazz, classical, Latin, pop, and blues ensembles. Being from Vancouver, Canada, Jamie has been enjoying learning to say "huh" instead of "eh"!

Reggie Watkins - Trombone
Reggie Watkins was born and raised in West Virginia and has played trombone for eighteen years. After attending West Virginia University for Music Performance he moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to become a staple on the music scene. There he began playing and recording with various groups such as The Roger Humphries Big Band, The Kevin Frieson Ensemble, Dr. Zoot, and many others. In 1999 Reggie joined Maynard Ferguson and is currently Trombonist, Musical Director, and Arranger for the legendary jazz musician. In 2003 Reggie was selected as one of only eleven semi-finalists chosen to perform at the prestigious 2003 Thelonious Monk Institute International Jazz Competition in Washington D.C. There he performed with an all-star jazz group consisting of pianist Eric Reed, bassist Bob Hurst, and drummer Carl Allen. In 2004 Watkins released his first solo CD as Band Leader, Trombonist, Composer, Arranger, and Producer entitled A-LIST. The album features sixteen musicians, all original compositions and arrangements, and is part of The Maynard Ferguson Presents series. Reggie is also featured as Trombonist and Arranger on the 2001 Maynard Ferguson/Dianne Schuur release 'Swingin For Schuur'. Reggie can be heard performing most often with Big Bop Nouveau and his own group The A-List Octet.

Julio Monterray - Sax
Julio Monterrey was born in Managua, Nicaragua but left at a young age with his parents to Miami, Fl in search of political asylum and the American Dream. At the age of 15 he was introduced to the magic of song. Something drew Julio to the saxophone which has become the fountain of his inspiration. Jazz came soon after where he immersed himself in the classic recordings of Charley Parker, John Coltrane, Louie Armstrong and many others. While attending Florida International University, Gary Campbell and Mike Ortta were great influences in his musical beginnings. At this time Julio was also experimenting with his own acid jazz group, winning several local polls. In 1999 Julio was admired by the New School. A year later he found himself drawn back to his boyhood home of Miami where he has written and sold many highly acclaimed original compositions to a local record label. Julius is a lover of many styles of music and is always in search of fresh ideas.

Matt Parker - Tenor Sax
Matt was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, FL, where he picked up his first saxophone at the youthful age of 14. After graduating high school, Matt found himself in New York City - that sleepless American metropolis, wherein he could finally devote his practice to a unique collection of resources, energy, and culture. In this fertile yet chaotic arena, he acquired a degree in jazz performance from the New School. Matt has since played with artists such as David O’ Rourke, Junior Mance, Phil Woods, and Reggie Workman to name a few. He carries a sundry pallet of both bold and delicate tones, which compliment a powerful yet warm presence on the stage. Matt is currently composing and recording original music for a variety of artistic venues, ranging from film to dance.

Jeff Lashway - Piano
Jeff Lashway, originally from Pittsburgh, PA. has performed all over the U.S, Canada, and Europe. Formal training consisted of 11 years of private, classical piano before branching out into jazz and pop music on his own. Having lived also in Indianapolis and New Orleans, Jeff has incorporated many styles of playing into his own unique style. In addition to Maynard, Jeff has played with Slide Hampton, guitarist Joe Negri, and legendary New Orleans cornetist Connie Jones.

Brian Mulholland - Bass
Hailing from Anderson, SC, Brian Mulholland is the bassist for Maynard Ferguson. Despite starting on piano at age 3, he switched to the bass in fifth grade. After only three months, he substituted for the high school jazz band bassist. Befriending Victor Wooten at age 12, Brian performed with Grammy® winner Béla Fleck after learning his repertoire. Brian has gone on to share the stage with Darol Anger, Chris Potter, Terri Lyne Carrington, and David Haynes, to name a few. He has performed at International Association of Jazz Educators and International Society of Bassists conferences, toured Europe with the USC Left Bank Big Band, and transcribed Bass Day ’98: Victor Wooten for Hudson Music. Brian holds degrees from the University of South Carolina (B.M.) and the University of North Texas (M.M.).

Stockton Helbing - Drums
Since the fall of 2003, Stockton Helbing has been the drummer for Maynard Ferguson. While working with Maynard, Stockton has toured and performed throughout the United States and in Germany, Thailand, Sweden, England, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, and St. Lucia.

Stockton recently released Lodestar, his debut album as a bandleader. Lodestar, a NohJoh Music release, is an all original music project that also features Stockton's contemporaries Ken Edwards, Tom Luer, Noel Johnston, and Brian Mulholland. Lodestar was selected by Maynard Ferguson to be the newest album in his MF Presents series.

Stockton graduated from the University of North Texas with a bachelor's in Music in May 2003. He attended the highly esteemed jazz school from the fall of 1998 until the spring of 2003. During those years Stockton studied with world renowned drum set teacher Ed Soph. Stockton was also a member of the Grammy award winning One O'clock Lab Band, under the direction of Neil Slater. Stockton appears on two of the One O'clock Band's albums, LAB 2002 and Lab 2003.

Mike Freeland - The "Sound Guy"
After training his musical ear by working as a full time professional guitarist for over 25 years, MIKE FREELAND, has been mixing Front of House or Monitors for a wide variety of artists including The Lettermen, Diane Schuur, the Count Bassie Orchestra, the Tubes, Loretta Lynn, Little Richard, Sha Na Na Na, the 2005 Vocal Group Hall of Fame Inductions, which included The O’Jays, The Jordaneires, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, to name just a few. Mike has over 600 shows under his belt mixing MAYNARD FERGUSON.

Ed Sargent - Tour Manager
Immediately following 5 years as a percussion / business major at the University of Tennessee; Ed Sargent began working with Maynard Ferguson in the spring of 1982. Ed began his tenure first as the valet, working directly as a personal assistant to Mr. Ferguson while shortly afterwards, Ed assumed the task of Stage Manager / Lighting Director and the Fall of 1984 the Tour Manager job came be.

Ed actively produces around 200 live shows a year with the great Maynard Ferguson. Over the years Ed has had the opportunity to produce / Tour Manage acts like, Art Blakey, Diane Schuur, Heart, Dizzy Gillespie, Marlena Shaw, Billy Eckstein, Dr. Lonnie Liston Smith, Al Hirt, Billy Cobham and more.

Ed has also been actively involved as the Executive Producer of many of Maynard Ferguson projects over the years namely. “Foot Path Café”, “Live From London”, These Cats Can Swing”, “One More Trip To Birdland”, “Brass Attitude” with DVD projects including “At The Top” and also Directing and Executive Producing on “Live at the King Cat Theatre in Seattle, Washington with Diane Schuur”. Ed has also been actively involved in the Maynard Ferguson Presents Series as Executive Producer for the projects with Tom Garling, Christian Jacob, Carl Fisher and Maynard’s current Musical Director, Reggie Watkins.