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Episode 16 - Valet Interview (10/14/2011)
In Episode 16, former Maynard Ferguson valet Ryan Schwab tells us what it was like to tour with Maynard during the busiest part of his career. Also, a new OMG moment.

Download Episode 16 (mp3, 36.9 MB)

Episode 15 - Ed Sargent(2/4/2012)
The Maynard Ferguson Podcast returns with an interview with Ed Sargent about his life with Maynard and his new DVD project.

Download Episode 15 (mp3, 91.8 MB)

Episode 14 - Alumni Update (1/15/2011)
Episode 14 features some solo recordings from some of Maynard's best sidemen over the years.

Download Episode 14 (mp3, 41.5 MB)

Featured Alumni:

  • Jeff Lashway (piano)
  • Stockton Helbing (drums)
  • Denis DiBlasio (flute, sax, vocals)
  • Chip McNeill (sax)
  • Carl Fischer (trumpet)
  • Tom Garling (trombone)
  • Reggie Watkins (trombone)

Episode 13 - Christmas with Trumpets; Fan Stories (12/11/2010)
In episode 13, the Maynard Ferguson Podcast features Maynard's Christmas medley, listens to some other Christmas songs that are heavy on trumpet, and gathers some Maynard stories from fans and alumni.

Download Episode 13 (mp3, 69 MB)

Show Notes:

Episode 12 - The Pop/Rock Styles of Maynard Ferguson (11/6/2010)
In episode 12, the Maynard Ferguson Podcast explores some of Maynard's best covers of rock and pop songs. The show wraps, as always, with an 'OMG' moment!

Download Episode 12 (mp3, 31 MB)

Show Notes:

Episode 11 - Roger Ingram (10/3/2010)
Roger Ingram talks to the Maynard Ferguson podcast and shares a few stories about his time with Maynard, Harry Connick, Jr., and tells us what he is up to now.

Download Episode 11 (mp3, 56 MB)

Show Notes:

Episode 10 - The Roulette Years (9/5/2010)
In episode 10, we look at some new YouTube lessons from Denis DiBlasio, and then we dive into Maynard's legendary years with Roulette Records!

Download Episode 10 (mp3, 30 MB)

Show Notes:

Episode 9 - The 10 Best Double Cs (8/14/2010)
In episode 9, Mike Ehr (from counts down his 10 favorite recorded double Cs by trumpet players. Also, news about Joey Pero and Eric Miyashiro's new projects!

Download Episode 9 (mp3, 33 MB)

Episode 8 - The Maynard Timeline (7/24/2010)
In episode 8, Matt walks through a Maynard timeline. Hear music spanning from the early 50s through 2006!

Download Episode 8 (mp3, 35 MB)

Show Notes:

Episode 7 - Maynard's Under-rated Songs (6/28/2010)
In episode 7, Matt goes beyond the hits and serves up some of Maynard's overlooked gems. Also, play the new MF Mix-Up contest!

Download Episode 7 (mp3, 36 MB)

Show Notes:

Episode 6 - Maynard's Trumpet Players (6/13/2010)
In episode 6, Matt features a few of the many great trumpeters that Maynard had on his band through the years.

Download Episode 6 (mp3, 28 MB)

Show Notes:

Episode 5 - Maynard in Unexpected Places (5/31/2010)
In episode 5, Matt helps you find Maynard in some unexpected places, and interviews Maristella Feustle, the UNT student who helped organize and sort through Maynard's charts.

Download Episode 5 (mp3, 36.5 MB)

Show Notes:

Episode 4 - The Ballads of Maynard Ferguson (5/15/2010)
In episode 4, Matt recaps the opening of the Sherman Jazz Museum, and features Eric Miyashiro's "Pleiades, A Tribute to Maynard Ferguson" CD.

Download Episode 4 (mp3, 44.8 MB)

Show Notes:

Episode 3 - The Ballads of Maynard Ferguson (5/1/2010)
In episode 3, we count down the fan's 10 favorite Maynard ballads including the new "Maria Mash-Up"! Plus a new OMG moment.

Download Episode 3 (mp3, 38 MB)

Show Notes:

Episode 2 - Steve Wiest (4/18/2010)
In Episode 2, Steve Wiest recalls his time on the band, and his impressive achievements since.

Download Episode 2 (mp3, 48.2 MB)

Show Notes:

Episode 1 - OMG Moments (4/9/2010)
Episode one talks about the three Maynard Ferguson tributes coming in May, and chronicles nine of Matt's favorite Maynard Ferguson OMG (Oh my God!) moments.

Download Episode 1 (mp3, 34.6 MB)

Show Notes:

  • The John Hoey Orchestra will be joined by Denis Diblasio, Reggie Watkins, and Denis Noday for the Maynard Ferguson Birthday Bash Concert at Chris' Jazz Cafe (in Philadelphia) on May 1, 2010. Details at the John Hoey Orchestra web site.
  • The Frank Vardaros Jazz Orchestra will pay tribute to Maynard by performing the music from the Live at Jimmy's album. Their event is on May 6, 2010, at the Gateway Center for the Arts in DeBary, Florida. Details at the Gateway Center for the Arts web site.
  • The Sherman Jazz Museum (where the MF Estate Collection is housed) grand opening is on May 8, 2010 in Sherman, Texas. To celebrate this event, the University of North Texas One O'Clock Lab Band (directed by Steve Wiest) with guest artists Wayne Bergeron and Denis Diblasio will play a concert featuring music from the estate. Details at the Sherman Jazz Museum web site.

Matt's List of Maynard Ferguson "OMG" Moments

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